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What are you Trying to Bear Alone?

We all have crosses to bear, but sometimes the weight of those crosses seems to be heavier some days over others.  I recently purchased a devotional planner that gives insight on a prayer or lesson to think on for the day and this past week (February 22nd) the lesson was to learn to lessen the load we carry and how to do that through trust and following the path set before us.  I am not overly religious, but this passage hit me.  It made me realize that we really do all have a cross to bear.  Some of us have an outlet such as social media, girl's night with friends, therapy, or other such outlets.  Some of us have no outlet.  How do we cope?

Being a loved one to anyone gives you the role of caregiver, even if not in the traditional sense of the word.  We love strong and hard. but it takes a toll on us.  Single parents struggle with balancing work, children, and every curveball that being a parent throws at them.  Stay-at-home parents struggle with balancing self-care while making a house run smoothly. Working parents struggle with being there enough for their children while they provide for them... the struggle of work/life balance.  At the end of the day, we all struggle with an inner voice that tells us we could have done something differently.

My mom has a quick temper and all of her daughters have the same temper.  It comes out the worst when we feel overwhelmed and please help anyone that it is aimed at.  Vanessa and I call each other to talk each other down when we have the "Mom" syndrome because we realize it isn't healthy and those around us shouldn't be punished for the feelings we have of being overwhelmed.  If I can explain it best, it is trying to climb a crumbling pile of rocks and you are holding on as best you can and making a good pace, but all of sudden one rock moves and you are sliding and have no control over it. 

The thing we have to remember is that life is not about planning, because even the best-laid plans can fall through.  Control is a mindset, not an action.  The weather can be predicted, but is it always accurate?  Are we trying to set a bar too high for ourselves?  Who are we measuring ourselves against?  Well, I am here to tell you that you set your own bar and the limitations you face are choices you make.  You are still Super Woman, even if you ask for help or need to lessen your burden.  This group of Moms is here for you and you don't have to bear anything alone.


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