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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Super Bowl Weekend 2021

Happy Saturday, friends!  The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and like every other year, I'm excited to watch....THE COMMERCIALS. I've never really been into sports, except for a few years in middle/high school when I was obsessed with watching the Chicago Bulls and the on again off again years I watched wrestling (I'm still a Shawn Michaels fan, even though I don't think he still wrestles).
 I appreciate the talent and skill of the players, but if you're not one of my kids, I really don't care to spend an extended period of time watching you play a game. 

We'll still be sort of celebrating though. I mean, the commercials are always fun to watch, the food (picking up egg rolls from our friend today) is going to be amazing, and before the "big game", at 2pm, the Puppy Bowl will be airing on Animal Planet. The Puppy Bowl is sure to be a hit with the girls and since Matt has been more open to the idea of us adopting a puppy (FINALLY), I'm looking forward to watching myself. Plus, a few of the puppies are from our hometown of Danbury!

Are you rooting for a specific team for Super Bowl LV or will you be watching for the commercials too? 

Have a spectacular Saturday!


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