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The Month of Love- Be Kind

I really wanted a shopping excursion yesterday and invited Vanessa to go with me. My 2 nieces wanted to come too and I was so excited to spend the time with them. Well, shopping was not fun for me and honestly made me realize that people are lacking in empathy, sympathy, and just down right human kindness.  It looks like I will stick to having all my shopping needs delivered. 

First stop on our trip was the book store. D wanted to go and we all know I love the book store. We found some really good deals but there was a man there that approached me to ask for help and the staff there came over and kaboshed his interaction with me advising him to leave me alone and leave the store. Now, I am standing there not sure what is going on but I'm anxious because I am there with Vanessa and my 2 nieces. I don't know if this guy is causing a problem but he didn't ask me anything that I felt was rude or inappropriate and the staff member is treating him like he is a nuisance or causing trouble. I don't want to be in the middle of that.

Our second trip was to Big Lots and we found a lot of things we needed. I am working on cleaning and organizing my kitchen and found most of what I needed. There were a group of teens walking around the store being obnoxious and blocking aisles but I let them be and went about my business. After checkout there was a sensor on one or more of the items we purchased but we couldn't find it and the alarm kept going off. Here comes the teenagers advising we are in the way and we need to move.  Well, at this point they were just being rude and I had had enough.  I told them it is taking less than 3 minutes and they could wait since I had to wait to move around them while I was shopping.  Maybe I was rude about it but to be honest I didn't care at this point because of their demeanor towards me and the staff member.

Needless to say it was not that pleasurable a shopping excursion. I left feeling stressed out and my hands were shaking.  I dropped Vanessa and and girls at home and called my husband on the way home to tell him what happened. He called the book store immediately to find out what was going on.  He was informed that they were having trouble with people from a local home for people just getting back on their feet from bad choices they made. 

The staff member assumed with this man and judged him on his past and that made me feel really bad. I don't know if he was a bad guy or just a customer with a valid question.  I may never know but I felt then how I feel now... don't judge someone by their past because they aren't living there anymore and neither should we. It's February the month of love maybe we should be treating people better and showing them love and we can get through the hate and resentment we see in the world. I know I have to change my outlook too.


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