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The Different Types of Baby Carriers on the Market


When it comes to carrying your baby, there are many ways in which you can do it. You can carry them in your arms, in a baby carrier, consisting of a wrap, sling, or harness, in a carrycot, or push them along in a stroller or pram. They all provide freedom for the mother and safety and comfort for a child while enabling the mother to form a close bond with them. These baby aids also provide the freedom for a mother to look after other children at the same time.

There is something special about the mother-baby bond, which becomes long-lasting and eternal. In terms of the best baby carriers, it depends on what works best for you as a mother in terms of practicalities and what will suit your baby best in terms of comfort. If they sleep or smile rather than cry, then you have got that balance just right. The different models can provide varying amounts of comfort and some will be easier to use than others. It is a good idea to compare them on a website to start deciding what features you would need from your baby carrier. This can be done before the baby comes along.


Baby Carriers / Wraps / Slings

To be able to hold your baby close to you is comforting for you and your baby. A baby is more likely to feel snug and secure, and want to sleep rather than cry, while close to its mother. It is an instinct for it to want to do that. This also provides some respite for the mother and father, when the baby gets off to sleep because it feels taken care of. Of course, there will be moments when a baby cries whatever comfort you have provided it with, but that is likely to be only to inform you that it wants its nappy changing. But that does not need to be all the time. Great comfort and security can be provided by finding a good baby carrier where the baby is harnessed to you.



Apart from providing the safest way to transport a baby on a pushchair, they also offer the freedom for babies to sleep anywhere. They offer a means for transporting a baby in a car. They offer a portable way of having your baby with you all the time. You can carry your baby safely by means of a carrycot. Inside, it will offer much comfort and protection to your baby. They will enjoy being inside there as if they were in their permanent cot.


Strollers / Pushchairs / Prams

Strollers allow for a baby or very young child to be taken on a long journey without the mother having the strain of carrying their child on their shoulders for long distances. If you know what this feels like, you will appreciate the alternative suggestion. Your child will still be in sight, yet not contributing to weight on your shoulders. It is more comfortable to push their weight on wheels rather than to shoulder it for any length of time.

It is good for mother and child to experience fresh air and new sights that are different from those around the home and garden. It is broadening a child’s learning experience to see more things that you can point out, name, and describe to them. You will see their eyes light up and them trying to point. What you remember as a child is instilled in your memory for a long time and aids long-term learning and development in terms of future knowledge and education.


For an interesting article on the different forms of transport for a baby, you might find the attached article helpful.

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