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Switching Gears from a Family of Four to a Family of Five!


Last week, my husband and I shared the biggest surprise news ever with our family and friends. Our family is growing! That's right, we're expecting baby #3, and this fall, we'll graduate to a family of five! We're terribly excited and were immediately overwhelmed by the love, excitement, and support we received from our village when we announced our news on Facebook. The kids are ecstatic, though each one is vying for a baby of their own gender... as expected. 

I am so excited to be able to share this pregnancy journey with you all. There are many unique things that make this third pregnancy of mine so very different from the first two. I'm ten years older than I was when I had B, my first baby. Much wiser, not as much energy and I'm definitely a different kind of mom than I was when it was just one baby. Since the birth of Beanie, our four-year-old daughter, we're learned how to be a family. My son has learned how to love and protect a sibling, and how to enjoy having a built-in best friend and playmate, despite a five year age difference.

This is a Covid times baby- meaning, the baby will be born in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, which is in and of itself quite frightening. Everything from prenatal care, doctor's visits, and delivery/hospital stay will be so very different. I have lots of thoughts and feelings about this and hope to share some of them with you over these next several months.

Switching to a family of five means lots of changes for our family. Rather than worrying about it, I'm more so excited to see where this takes us. It'll mean a new SUV with a third row, juggling a bit, watching expenses increase, and keeping up with three kids versus two- the oldest and youngest being ten years apart in age!

 Last Friday, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a frame to put the baby's ultrasound photo in. I placed it on the shelf in between the photos of B and Beanie, so we can all see the baby, pray for the baby, and get used to the fact that there are five of us now!

I tend to look at life as a grand adventure. What an adventure it will be with a new baby in the mix!

I hope you'll follow along on my journey. I'll be very excited to jump back into the world of baby products and gear, sharing picks for baby gifts and home life. Plus, you'll get a front-row seat to this wonderful show we call life.

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