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Strong and Sassy Workouts with Shefit #MBPWELLNESS21 #REVIEW #GIVEAWAY


Thank you to SheFit for providing product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Starting off 2021 with a wellness mantra hopefully will become routine as the months continue. I have always struggled with consistent work-outs as life takes over and I have crazy weird hours as a church worker. I am NOT a morning person so morning exercise usually isn't an option. With less "on-the-go" events right now, I do have the time to instill wellness back into my life, and have learned that I desperately need supportive well fitting sports bras for high intensity workouts. 

Sports Bras are often the last thing we think about in our wardrobes. While we take care of our shoes, want our leggings to be super comfortable, we often neglect the fit and feel of our sports bras, sometimes at the detriment to our bodies. I have discovered I need a well-fitted bra with lots of support to manage movement while doing all sorts of activity. 

If we are also honest with ourselves, our body size and shape changes with life circumstances. Weight-gain, weight-loss, health crises, pregnancies, and much more all impacts the way that our clothing fits to our bodies. Why not have a piece of clothing that works with you- providing support in much-needed areas? 

Shefit bras are absolutely wonderful to help me meet my goals! Shefit wants to provide products that work for and with our body, rather than against it. Made for women with high sports bra standards, these bras certainly aim to please! Whether you are a Momma, a woman with a mission, or just an everyday average lady; these bras will help you get to your next goal in life in great shape! 

A Shefit bra is colorful and form-fitting. When ordering,  exact measurements are inputted into a handy quiz to advise the customer on the right size. After answering a few questions, the system easily determined what I might need for my measurements and impact level.  I found this process super easy to use! All Shefit bras arrive in a mesh laundry bag for easy laundering and/or storage when away from home. 

Wearing your Shefit bra is super easy!  Pull over head, zip up the chest, cinch the back strap, and lift up the front shoulder straps for the best fit and support. Doing so ensures that the bra molds to your body so that your girls are supported in the best way possible. 

The Ultimate Sports Bra provides Zip, Cinch, Lift technology that allows your bra to mold to your body, giving you the best support ever. The ultimate is for all high-intensity activity, making those runs, cross fit challenges, and weight work-outs the best ever! 

Ultimate Shefit Sports Bra in Black

Straps can be worn 2 ways: H-Configuration or X-Configuration. Available for women with cup sizes A-I, this bra provides the ultimate support for the ultimate work-out, making you feel comfortable and confident while moving!

The Flex Sports Bra seriously feels like butter against the skin! With the same patented Zip, Cinch, Lift technology, these bras provide much needed support for all medium impact activities. 

Shefit Flex Sports Bra in Aloud

Available for women in cup sizes A- I and in several colors anyone would like, this bra will be your bestie for whatever activity you decide to do- whether it's around town, the house, or exercising! Straps can be worn in 2 ways: H Configuration or X Configuration. Soft enough to wear everyday, this might be my favorite sports bra ever, now! 

Shefit also offers Clip tanks and Leggings so that you can work-out to the best of your abilities. I was sent a Clip Tank in the color "Fierce", which resembles a vibrant pink color. 

Shefit Clip Tank over Ultimate Sports Bra with X Strap Configuration

Clip Tanks literally clip right into the shoulder straps of your bra, so no annoying tank top/ sports bra layers. Made up of breathable lightweight material, the back allows for maximum air flow while the front scoops at your chest line. The hem sits at the waist, so it's not ultra long, but I find it's length and breathability perfect, as I always get hot easily! 

Wearing your Shefit does take getting used too, as it's not the pull over and go type of sports bra, but I know that you will be amazed when you feel how supportive and comfortable .. and easy it is to wear one! 

As with most, cleaning the bra by handwashing is recommended, but if you must use a washing machine, stick it in the laundry bag and put it on delicate cycle.. and line/air dry! 

If you decide to join up with the Shefit nation, not only will you be inspired to your best with these awesome work-out pieces, you can get become Shefit strong with one of their amazing work-outs.

Shefit just recently introduced booty bands: light, medium, or heavy resistance bands to enhance your workout. While I do not have these bands to try out, if they are anything like Shefit clothing, they will rock! If you decide to grab these booty bands, head over to the Shefit Booty Bands Workout to find 9 challenges to engage your core, arms, and legs. 

Or, if you are getting bored with the same fitness routine, join the #Shefit30 Challenge. 30 days of motivating daily challenges that will make you SWEAT will arrive in your inbox daily! Need even more motivation? Join the #Shefit30 Challenge Facebook Group for support and inspiration! 

I definitely recommend that Shefit becomes a part of your wardrobe choice if you are planning on upping your wellness game this year! You won't be disappointed- and your body will love you as well! Less aches and pains and more gain! 

Be fierce and be bold with Shefit! 

Want it? Get it! 

First, take the Shefit Quiz to find your recommended size immediately!
Then, grab your favorite color, wait for it to arrive, and then work-out like a boss! 

Be sure to follow Shefit on Facebook and Instagram for the latest colors and products. 

Want it? Win it! 

One lucky reader will win a $80.00 E-Giftcard Code to use on any Shefit product! 

The giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win. The winner will be selected at random and notified via email.  Please see our policies page for complete rules and details. 

Thank you to Shefit for sponsoring this amazing giveaway to our readers! 

What is your favorite work-out/ exercise? 


  1. I really like the Ultimate Sports Bra

  2. Them sports bras, girl, they are life!

  3. I would choose the Flex Sports bra.

  4. The sports bras theyre perfect for my daughter

  5. I like to take walks with my husband.

  6. I would pick a pair of leggings.

  7. I am an avid outdoor jogger/runner which is how I prefer to get exercise.

  8. Would look for the best supportive sports bra!

  9. Would look for the best supportive sports bra!

  10. I would absolutely get Shefit’s Ultimate Sports Bra and those BOOTY BANDS you mention! I’ve yet to find a good sports bra to support my girls and my glutes could really use some good strengthening and exercise, too

  11. My favorite way to exercise is running outdoors when the weather is pleasant

  12. I would get the Ultimate Sports Bra.

  13. I would get the ultimate sports bra or the pocket leggings.

  14. I'd like to get the THE FLEX SPORTS BRA in blush


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