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Six More Weeks of Winter!?

 I'm not usually one to pay too close attention to what Punxsutawney Phil says on Groundhog Day. This year, however, I couldn't wait to see whether or not the little guy saw his shadow. That he did, and the saying goes that if he sees his shadow, it's six more weeks of winter for us. Insert the biggest 'BLAH' you've ever heard. When I was growing up in NJ, I loved winter. It meant snow and lots of it. Winter in North Carolina is the worst... gray skies for months on end, too cold to be outside, but not cold enough to snow. The ground is perpetually wet and muddy- just a big pain in the tush.

I can't stand winter now. It's hard for the kids to get out and play, and the sun hardly ever shines. In the midst of a global pandemic, when we're all trying to stay home to stay safe, depression is ever likely to creep in. Not being able to join in normal activities, attend events, or even go to a store make the winter months even longer and harder. Thank goodness that the promise of spring is something we can hold onto.

February is a short month, one that I am hoping will fly by! My kids have a break from school the weekend of Valentine's Day, so hubby and I booked our little fam a night at Great Wolf Lodge, Charlotte, as a fun family surprise! The kids have no idea we're going. The plan is to pack an overnight bag for each of them and pick them both up from school on Friday, the 12th, and then drive to the lodge. I cannot wait to see their faces!

Having special things like this planned used to really excite me, and keep me going when I felt down. It's been harder, of course, over the past several months, to plan to go anywhere. We felt that GWL is doing a great job to keep everyone safe, and we can have a socially distanced good time, just the four of us.

Having some springtime projects planned helps a lot, too! We're painting our entire upstairs, adding a built-in custom pantry to our kitchen, and building a custom swing set for the kids in the backyard. Projects abound! Now, if we could just get a hint of a warmer and sunnier day to do things outside, that would be grand!

Spring will come. The signs are there. In the meantime, we'll keep doing the work to prepare for the next season. We have the time.

Are you happy to have six more weeks of winter, or are you longing for spring?

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  1. Spring is my favorite time of the year except my allergies would disagree.


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