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Shower Your Sweetheart with Lift Chocolates #MBPVDAY21 #Review


Thank you to Lift Chocolates for this Valentine's Set in Exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ahh, Valentine's Day: the day of cards, flowers, and chocolates. In 2020, 27.4 billion was spent purchasing chocolate, with Hershey at the lead in sales. I have nothing against chocolate.. or Hershey's for that matter. I grew up going to Hershey Park, eating Hershey Bars, and absolutely love Reeses Cups. But, at some point in my adult life I was introduced to quality chocolate made by smaller chocolatiers. Now, while I still love my Reeses Cups, I would much prefer chocolates from a small-business owner, especially if the company has poured love into their craft and art of chocolate-making. 

Lift Chocolates is exactly such a company. Based out of Boulder, CO Lift provides quality hand-made chocolates with fabulous fillings, fabulous designs, and of natural products. Owner Lieutenant Brandon Busch, Forward Air Controller of the Marine Corps Reserves, is passionate about providing gourmet quality truffles, chocolates, and toffee.

Do yourself a favor and grab some of these chocolates from this veteran-owned, family business. You will NOT be disappointed when you open up the Valentine's Box! 

Lift sent me their Medium Valentine's Day Heart Box filled with 6 wonderful chocolates. 

The packaging is exquisite with the pink heart shaped box topped with a beautiful bow. Opening up the box, you will find 5 extraordinary heart-shapes and one square Lift Truffle.

Each piece of chocolate contains a creamy delicate and delicious filling from the following: Hazelnut, Bittersweet, Irish Creme, Raspberry, Guava. and Key Lime. Chocolates are hand-crafted using molds and paint. 

Y'all, when I first opened the box I didn't want to eat the chocolates, but my sweet tooth always gets the better of me. 

After trying two of these amazing confections, my love for unique handmade chocolates is reignited. The chocolate is so soft, creamy, and meltable. The flavors are not intense but rather leave a wonderful flavor of chocolate adventure as you take a bite each time. It's hard not to pop the entire truffle into my mouth! 

Lift also sent over their Caramel Turtle Tot Assortment to try out. These turtle tots contain Dark Chocolate Pecans, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, and White Chocolate with Macademia Nuts. 

This sweet of caramel, chocolate, and nuts will be sure to please the avid chocolate-lover in your family. I found these little chocolates to be so cute, but so full of taste with melt-in-your mouth chocolate combined with the nut. 

Each assortment is individually packaged, which I love, so that the tastes and flavors are not mixed together as other packaged assortments might be. 

Lift has plenty of other special Valentine's Day Chocolates, like these lovely Heart Suckers  and Chocolate Tasting Hearts

Lift is not a nut-free facility, so be aware if there are allergies in your loved one's life! Lift tries to ship their products using 2 or 3 day shipping and avoids shipping for weekend arrivals, so sometimes your package might not ship out til the following Monday. With that said- get those orders in fast, because Valentine's Day is upon us!

If you are looking for special chocolates for that special someone in your life this Valentine's Day, Lift Chocolates will surely fit the description. The chocolate is amazing, the hand-painted delicate designs, colors, and molds will surely impress. Each box of chocolate is definitely filled with love and care that only a small-business chocolatier can provide. 

Order Lift Chocolates for Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, or any reason you need chocolate in your life! 

Want it? Get it!

Find the perfect special chocolate on Lift's Chocolate Page.  

Browse other signature chocolates and bars while you are searching for your favorite Valentine's Gift!

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