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Thank you to GoodCook for providing me these products in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

During college summer breaks, I had the opportunity to serve as a kitchen assistant in various camp kitchens. While this job is hard, sweaty, and has long hours; it was also very rewarding. Not only did you meet great friends, get to work with great year-round staff, but you also learned much-needed cooking and baking skills that stick with you for life!

I credit those experiences as the reason I love to be in the kitchen. Whether it's the church kitchen or my own, I'm often trying some new recipe or idea.. and perhaps baking a tad bit too much when we had nothing else to do last summer!

While special cookware is often reserved for holiday meals, your everyday meals deserve some love in great everyday cookware! GoodCook's cookware and bakeware is available for everyday use to help you get breakfasts, lunches, and dinners on the table or in your to-go bags. 

For over 30 years, GoodCook has provided us with all the necessary tools needed to prep and prepare our tasty meals with quality products at a great price! Now the #1 brand of cookware in our homes, GoodCook also offers lots of inspiration through recipes and videos. 

GoodCook sent me an 11.75 inch sauté pan, which is much needed in my household. My last sauté pan has lasted several long great years but is now showing it's wear and tear as it's non stick coding is officially fading away. 

This sauté pan is so wonderful! It took has a non-stick coating that should not be used with metal utensils. It's inside is about 2 inches deep, which is great for those "one-pot" meals! The handle is flame guard protected and has a hole in case you hang your cookware up at home. This pan is super easy to clean too! After using this pan a couple of times, I realized how frustrating I was becoming dealing with my old one, so I am glad that this is now a part of my kitchen household! 

Sauté pans are generally used to fry foods quickly in fat or oil. From stir-fries to actual frying, these pans are great for all stove top needs, but do have shallow sides compared to other skillets and woks, so its imperative to not overflow it. So far I've cooked fish, cheesesteak meat, eggs, and chicken in this pan. 

Baking Pans are also another go-to piece of cookware in my house hold. From potatoes to subs, these get used a lot! This aluminum non-stick coated pan is textured to allow for even heating and cooling. An added plus- it helps prevent foods from sticking and burning too! My older baking pans had started to warp, which then causes lack of proper and even cooking, so I am excited to have this new one for 2021! 

Other bakeware items that are a great addition to one's kitchen stash could include 9 inch cake pans and 9.5 loaf pan. Breads, desserts, and casseroles will make great staples in your family meals this winter and spring! Products are made with textured diamond centers, higher sides walls, and durable aluminum so that the quality of the bakeware and food item holds up.  

Sometimes, you just need a good breakfast bread, like this Apple Pecan bread, or a great dessert to make it through the week, so these are definitely winners! The nonstick coating allows foods to come out of the pan so that you decorate and eat to your family's desires. 


Need to incorporate oven-safe baking for more crispier foods? While I love a good chicken wing or piece of bacon, I've often realized that when items sit directly on the baking pan, they don't become as crispy as I would like. 

The Crispy Baking Set provides a wire rack that sits inside of a baking pan. Placing foods on the wire rack allows even air movement so that foods turn out exactly the way that we want them! The pan is deeper than the normal baking sheet so that it collects all the juices from whatever is being cooked.  I like this because it means less spillage.. and less cleanup of oven bottoms! 

The best part is that the wire rack and the baking pan can each be used on their own for cooling, baking, and other food needs! 

If 2021 is the year you are reclaiming your food habits and kitchen usage, then add GoodCook to the list. I know we all spent an insane amount of time in our homes in 2020 and hope some of those habits of baking with the littles, family meals, and creativity stick into the future. 

Thank you to GoodCook for sharing their kitchen products with us! Good Cook is here to help with kitchen creativity or replacement needs as we continue to dive into this year. Even if you don't need new bakeware, Good Cook also has gadgets, tools, and even recipes to help us stay healthy and spread love all this year! 

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