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Seven Ways To Invigorate Your Morning Routine


From setting the tone and attitude for how the day ahead to sustaining your mood and energy for everything on your to-do list - mornings are considered the essential time of the day. But instead of feeling refreshed and energized to be ready for all the challenges the day may bring, most people start their morning with a feeling like they are not fully alert and sometimes even short-tempered and disorientated. However, if you feel persistently tired or fatigued, you need to go to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. You can also take natural supplements such as Energy Renew from GundryMD to support your health. Read details on website HealthCanal.

Having a proper morning routine, which includes beneficial habits, allows you to be my best version of yourself. But what activities should you include in your morning to boost energy and productivity during the entire day? Here are seven ideas to adjust your morning routine and begin each day feeling invigorated.

Ignore Your Phone In The Morning

As tempting as it might be, consider ignoring your phone in the morning and keeping it on airplane mode until you are "ready" to mindfully interact with the world. To truly enjoy your mornings, try not to be a slave to your gadgets and limit the amount of time you spend starring on your phone's screen when you first wake up. 

Stretch Your Body

Sometimes, particularly in the morning, we can feel achy, tight, and stiff. It's a good habit to add stretching exercises to your morning routine, which is a great method to release tension in your body as well as to get the blood circulating and energize you.

You can start with simple neck stretches as most of the stress we hold in our face, neck, and shoulders. Lower your head forward chin to chest and then bring it back to the center. After that, turn your head to the right and lower your chin down to your right shoulder. Repeat on the other side and hold each for about thirty seconds. Make sure to also take in long, deep breaths to release all the tension in your face. 

Additionally, you can include stretching movements like standing upright and moving your arms above your head or even engage in some simple yoga poses to help awaken your muscles and body.

Take A Cold Shower

We all know how nice and relaxing a hot shower or bath can be but try to turn the dial to cold to help you wake up and boost your energy levels. Not only does the jolt of cold temperatures invigorate and energize you, but a cold shower can also help improve metabolism and circulation and even support the body's immune response.

At the end of your usual bathing routine, reduce the water temperature until you feel uncomfortable and try to stay in the water for at least two minutes. Keep experimenting with lower temperatures and longer periods of exposure to cold water. Make sure to adjust the dial slowly for less of a shock and measure your energy level to find the right formula for you. As an alternative, you can just splash cold water on their face to archive a similar stimulating effect.

Set Out Your Daily Intentions

Take a few minutes to be silent and think about how you would like your day to go. You might even want to write in your journal for a couple of minutes. Imagine smashing that presentation or work meeting, enjoying lunch with your buddies, and completing your fitness session after a long day.

A visualization is a powerful tool and one of the keys to success as it fills your brain with positive images that help your mind to stay optimistic and focused during the day. 

Try Out Aromatherapy

While certain scents are known to help us relax – namely chamomile, rosemary, and lavender – others can quickly make a person feel awake by stimulating both mind and body, making them perfect for sluggish mornings.

Simple smells such as lemon zest, clove, fresh peppermint, and even brewing coffee might help energize a person almost instantly. At the same time, essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, and orange may aid in reducing fatigue and boosting your energy.

Whether you prefer to use ingredients from your kitchen or add a few drops of essential oil to your diffuser, inhaling energizing smells can be beneficial for invigorating someone in the morning.

Add CBD Oil To Your Morning Beverage

Enjoy your morning coffee with a twist with the addition of CBD oil benefits. It can fit perfectly into your busy schedule and help you to balance your life amazingly. Although both caffeine and cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) are great compounds on their own, they can offer more benefits when mixed together. They do compliment each other quite well. CBD will help to alleviate the unwanted side effects of coffee like anxiety, relentlessness, insomnia, and heart disease, among others.

What's more, CBD is known to offer various benefits for your wellness, such as anxiety and stress reduction, pain relief, improved mood, increased energy, and productivity to be ready to take on the day. This way, you can consume your favorite morning beverage and get a much-needed boost from CBD oil without the negative effects caused by caffeine.

As an alternative, you can receive the potential advantages of CBD by simply purchasing various ready-made options like coffee, tea, chocolate, or CBD vape oil. This way you can experience an energy boost or needed relief by using a CBD vape pen or chewing some gummies even when you are on the go.

Get Some Sunlight

Don't stumble in the dark when you wake up in the morning. Instead, consider drawing the curtains to let the sunlight in. Exposure to the sunlight through the opened blinds or during a morning walk can make a person feel more energized. This is because the blue light found in the sunlight has a very short wavelength with the highest energy, which stimulates the parts of the brain and promotes alertness. Thus, a burst of sunshine in the morning will tell your brain that it is to get up!  

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