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Newbie Buying Guide For CBD Products

 Have you been hearing all the buzz surrounding CBD? Are you interested in trying it for yourself? Whether you've heard about it, wondered about it, are not curious to purchase, getting started with CBD isn't as simple as asking for a tincture. There are some essential things to know before getting started.

With just a little background on the product, you'll be a more confident consumer when it comes time to make your first purchase of CBD Baltimore.

Where Does CBD Come From?

While it might seem that hemp is closely related to marijuana, they aren't the same. CBD is a cannabinoid—so is THC. These can be found in both plants, the hemp, and cannabis plan. Cannabis, or what many call pot, is where higher THC concentrations reside, whereas hemp is the perfect plant for getting lower concentrations of THC and more CBD.   For those who would like to steer clear of THC/marijuana's side effects, you would want to choose a hemp-derived CBD product. 

The Legality

CBD is legal for sale throughout the United States. The stipulation on selling is that it must contain less than .03% THC. CBD from the hemp plant is naturally low in THC, making it an excellent source. In some cases, CBD taken from individual cannabis plants can contain up to 30% THC. 

Broad Spectrum VS Full Spectrum VS CBD Isolate

Going back to THC levels and sourcing will impact which product you'll want to choose at your CBD location. When you see a product labeled full-spectrum, this will typically have higher contents of THC or contain terpenes and other cannabinoids. Full-spectrum can be taken from the cannabis plant and is only found for sale in places where cannabis is fully legal. 

Broad-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is 100% CBD. There will be no traces of THC, and sellers can advertise 100% THC-free. Though it might be free from THC, it may contain other terpenes.  

For those that want a pure CBD experience, you would want to purchase a CBD isolate. This is free from all other terpenes and is to be 100% CBD only. Products that claim to be a CBD isolate have gone through extensive refining. Think of these as a top-shelf CBD. 

What's The Best Method For Doses?

CBD will come in a variety of strengths and ways to consume or apply it. Depending on your preference, one may work better for you. For example, tincture drops are fast and easy to ingest, making it a perfect choice for anyone that has difficulty with dexterity or wants a no-nonsense approach to getting their daily CBD. Other options for CBD products include:


Edible Gummies

As part of a Multivitamin

Gel Roll-Ons



To know how much CBD Products to take in, visit https://www.ahuevo.online/2021/09/13/dosing-guide/.

How Often Should You Use CBD?

Many question whether or not CBD is appropriate for daily use or if there are any risks involved. After all, this is something that your body is either ingesting or absorbing, so it's good to know the risks. The good news is, as far as research goes, this all-natural product derived from a plant is completely safe—there are even CBD products for pets. In general, the recommended amount per adult is dosages between 20 and 1,500 milligrams a day. When getting started with CBD, err on the side of caution and go with a smaller dose until you understand how you react. Choosing a broad-spectrum or CBD to isolate will have no THC, which means it will be free from any psychoactive properties. If you want to use CBD more often, you can take advantage of discounts like Just CBD coupon codes to save on your purchase.

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