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Mixing Alcohol with CBD: Is It Safe?


Cannabidiol or CBD oil has lately taken the healthcare world by a storm. More and more products are popping up at supplement and natural health stores. You can buy CBD oils, lip balms, creams, bath soaks, pills, protein bars, and more.

Even alcohol manufacturers are producing CBD-infused beers, shots, etc. However, many remain skeptical about mixing CBD oil and alcohol.

Hopefully, this article can clear up all confusion about mixing CBD with alcohol.

CBD: Description

CBD is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the Cannabis plant. The main compound responsible for intoxication effects in Cannabis is called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD does not contain THC, making it free of any psychoactive properties associated with Marijuana.

CBD extract is mixed with a carrier oil after extraction, like palm, olive, or coconut oil. It is available in many forms, like sprays, tinctures, food products, shots, capsules, etc. CBD is used for pain management, stress relief, and improvement of skin health.

Interaction of Alcohol with CBD

Alcohol is among the most common psychoactive compounds in the world. It reduces inhibitions and encourages relaxation. When you use CBD for stress relief, it can have similar effects.

Using alcohol with CBD may amplify their effects, resulting in increased behavioural changes. They are both relaxants, that’s why they may complement each other when used together.

According to a clinical study, mixing alcohol with CBD causes significant impairment in the perception of time and motor functions. These effects were observed when participants were given 200mg of CBD with 1gram of alcohol for every 1kg of body weight. The mental impairments were noted to be absent when taking CBD alone.

Please keep in mind that the clinical data on mixing CBD with alcohol is limited. The majority of the research is limited to animals. Much more research in human clinical trials is needed for conclusive results.

Clinical Studies

There is some promising research that expounds the belief that CBD provides a measure of protection against some of the negative side-effects of alcohol.

  • Alcohol consumption in large quantities may cause cell damage, increasing the risk of certain illnesses such as pancreatitis, liver disease, certain cancers, etc. A scientific study on rats shows that CBD reduces neural cell damage from chronic alcohol use up to 49%.

  • One study indicates that the use of CBD with alcohol helps reduce the blood-alcohol level. However, this research is not definitive.

  • Some researchers believe CBD may help in the treatment of alcohol addiction. Several studies show that CBD helps reduce the effects of alcohol addiction and withdrawal in animals.


Data on the interaction of alcohol with CBD is primarily limited to animal trials. Much more research on human test subjects is required before conclusive results can be formed.

It is also postulated that the interaction results between two of these relaxants may be subjective to each person.

That is why it is recommended that you take CBD in extensively tried and tested forms. You can use CBD as a health supplement for your wellbeing and overall healthcare by itself.

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