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Ice, Ice Baby


Our Weather here in Oklahoma has been anything but typical lately. The last two days we've had freezing rain and light snow, and a high of 19°. To say it's cold is an understatement! Now, I may have been born in New Jersey, but I grew up in the South, and I am not a fan of these temps.

When it's this cold out, I have to wear a coat, and I loathe wearing coats! They're uncomfortable to drive in, so I end up do the coat macarena, plus, somehow I've ended up with one glove each from two sets of gloves? How the heck did that happen? I did, however, manage to find an ice-scraper because mine mysteriously disappeared. It's probably with my other gloves, lol! 

Now, I have about a 30-40 minute commute to work every day, and when the weather gets bad that commute becomes nearly impossible. That's exactly what has been going on here for the last few days, and with icy roads and the potential for an upcoming blizzard, it's going to make going to work treacherous and I'm not looking forward to it. I typically leave an hour early for work but now with slick roads and hazardous conditions, I'll make sure that I have extra time built into my commute, which is a struggle for me because I am not a morning person! 

With the road conditions as they are, I plan for the worst and hope for the best. Meaning, I make sure that I have extra items in my car in case something happens to me on my drive. If I happen to get stuck in traffic, or worse, I want to make sure that I'm prepared for those potential events. I make sure to have water bottles, snacks, a blanket, an extra pair of clothing and shoes, a phone charger, an ice-scraper, I'll have to get a new pair of gloves, and an emergency car kit. I'll make sure that my car is topped off with gas, but if your car is stuck in the snow, make sure to dig out your tailpipe before leaving your car running. This is to ensure that there is no carbon monoxide backing up into the car.

If you're like me and happen to be driving on these crazy roads and dealing with crazy weather, please be careful. Take your time driving, if you're late, then you're late. Your life and the lives of others on the road is more important than ignoring important safety measures. 

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  1. Smart of you to be prepared. I don't like the cold either.. or the real hot. That is why I love Spring.


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