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How to Use / What Is Combination Microwave - Conventional Cooking With Microwaves?


Ever since they were introduced back in 1947, microwaves weren’t as widely used as they are today. Slowly but surely, this kitchen appliance found its place in more and more family homes. Over time, people became aware of the numerous benefits microwaves offer them every day – a quick and easy cooking process, with a much smaller device.

Today, there are dozens of different microwave designs and uses. One of the newer ones is a combination microwave, which undoubtedly caught the attention of many. If you stumbled upon some top microwave oven combo reviews, then you already heard about this progressive appliance.

However, if you’d like to know a bit more about what combination microwaves are and how they are used, check out the rest of this article.

What Is a Combination Microwave

For the longest time, people considered microwaves to be devices with very limited purposes. Even today, microwaves are usually used to re-heat the food or defrost something from the freezer before cooking.

However, with the arrival of the combination microwave, this changes. Now, we have many more options, and it’s possible to do so much more with this special microwave.

But, what is a combination microwave exactly? It’s a microwave that combines a traditional microwave with some core oven features. As a result, conventional microwaves offer kitchen appliances with more power to cook food while still being cost-effective and efficient.

Namely, conventional microwaves combine microwave energy with convection heating, meaning they use a heating element and a fan to create the airflow through the entire oven space. This makes cooking more efficient and time-friendly.

With this technology, combination microwaves are strong enough even to bake bread, cakes, or pizzas.

How to Use a Combination Microwave

Although combination microwaves are slightly bigger than traditional ones, they operate similarly. It’s straightforward to navigate through the options and choose what you need. Even though there isn’t a universal instruction manual as each brand comes with its unique functioning and navigating system, some basic features are the same for all of them.

When using a combination microwave, you have almost three separate devices in one kitchen appliance. You can defrost, heat, grill, cook, and bake, so your options are limitless. It’s never been easier to use a combination microwave for everyday meal preparation, as you can easily switch between different options.

For example, you can start with heating and finish your meal with roasting to add that crispy layer. Combination microwaves also come with many automatic programs. Simply enter the type of food and its weight, and this smart microwave will optimize the best cooking time and method.

Combination Microwave Types

Combination microwaves come in different sizes and designs to cater to everyone’s needs. When it comes to size, finding the right fit for your family is crucial. Depending on the number of your household members, you can typically choose between 3 combination microwave size options:

  • Small (15-20 liters) – Intended for a household with 2-3 members.

  • Medium (25-30 liters) - Intended for a household with 3-5 members.

  • Large (30+ liters) - Intended for a household with over five members.

Another feature that can significantly influence the efficiency of your combination microwave is its design. Again, there are three designs people can choose from to fit their style and utilize the free kitchen space in the best possible way:

  • Freestanding – the most commonly used combination microwave is a freestanding one. They are more affordable and don’t require any professional installation. Simply put them on your countertop and start cooking!

  • Above the range – This placement is a better option for everyone struggling with the lack of countertop space. Combination microwaves will fit perfectly into the area above the stove, and you’ll have easy access. However, you’ll need to install a special unit to hold the microwave.

  • Built-in – The most sophisticated solution is going for the built-in microwave. It creates a sleek and clean kitchen look. Nevertheless, you’ll need to get some customizable cabinets for the installation.

Pros and Cons of a Combination Microwave

Just like any other appliance, combination microwaves also come with their unique set of pros and cons.

Something combination microwaves are praised for is the efficiency with which this appliance cooks food. Especially if smaller amounts are in question, this microwave will cook your food even faster than the regular oven. Besides that, they offer numerous additional features, auto-cooking modes, and other options that make the entire cooking process much more manageable.

However, combination microwaves are pricier than simple microwaves and will take up more space. Although this is expected, it’s something you should keep in mind when looking to buy one.


Finally, combination microwaves are an excellent option for anyone looking for a compact, practical, efficient, but still versatile kitchen appliance. Also, people needing an extra oven when preparing food for the holidays are increasingly buying them.

With so many possibilities, this kitchen appliance is starting to become a must in every home, so find your perfect combination microwave today!

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