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How to Decorate with Custom Photo Prints


Custom photo prints – personalized wall art and home decor items made with your own photos – are a surefire way to give any room a new lease of life. We asked the photo printing experts at CanvasDiscount.com to share some contemporary print decor ideas that will work for any home, taste, and budget. Find out how to make the most of your cherished photos!

#1. Wall Art – Superbly Versatile

Custom photo wall art is a wonderfully effective home decor option – each piece is unique, so it’s wonderfully versatile. These days photo wall art is made using a range of materials: canvas, aluminum, acrylic glass and more. 

Each material influences a room’s character in its own way – so what suits one interior won’t necessarily work as well in another. So how can you judge which is the right material for your interior decor – and for the photos you’re getting printed? 

The experts at CanvasDiscount.com say canvas prints suit vintage or Provencal design schemes, as the fine-grained canvas texture has a traditional, authentic look that’s perfect for cozy interiors. And canvas printing works with photo images of nearly every style – but it suits nature photography and classic individual portraits especially well.

By contrast, acrylic photo prints with their crisp, vibrant colors and their sleek finish help create a striking contemporary look. Acrylic works particularly well with urban photography, panorama shots, and more adventurous captures such as drone photos and bold close-ups. The crystal-clear acrylic glass produces shimmering reflections, creating a mesmeric depth effect.

#2. Printed Home Decor – Stylish Accent Pieces

These days, pillows and blankets can be more than just home accessories – they can showcase your best photos too. New technologies have brought textile printing to a whole new level, and photo pillows and blankets now boast the same HD print quality as photo wall art.

One of the myths surrounding personalized home textiles is that they’re only suitable for cozy, retro interiors. The CanvasDiscount.com experts argue that custom photo pillows and blankets can work in any design scheme – it’s just a question of choosing the right photos. For example, serene landscapes fit well into Scandi interiors, while photos with dark backgrounds and striking color accents suit warehouse-style living. 

A design tip: match a custom photo pillow with a few regular pillows in the same color palette. That way your photo pillow will still draw the eye, but it will be fully integrated into the room. If you’re buying a whole set of personalized pillows and blankets, they should be consistent in both palette and theme – so why not use several pictures from the same memorable vacation or family gathering?

Decorate Your Home and Save Money

Modern interior design trends celebrate distinctive textures and patterns, so it’s a good idea to take a different photo decor approach to each room. And the good news is, it doesn’t even have to be expensive – CanvasDiscount.com are known for their fantastic prices, meaning you can freshen up your whole home without breaking the bank. 

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