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Himiku Stacking Blocks Will Bring The Calm Your Child Needs This Easter

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Easter is right around the corner and if you're already dreading the candy and chocolate overload, I've got the perfect alternative gift idea.

If you're like me, you still have leftover Valentine's Day candy and the prospect of buying more cavity-producing sweets gives you a toothache. Anyone? 

I may or may not secretly throw away a piece of candy here and there as to not draw too much attention to the dwindling pile. As much as I try to forego sweets, they somehow always end up in my home. If you find yourself in the same boat, Himiku stacking blocks are an amazing way to forego the snacking and focus on the stacking!

These blocks are truly so much fun. My two boys enjoying creating unique structures and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with stacking the tallest tower! It takes a steady, calm hand to stack successfully which is why Himiku blocks are a perfect remedy for anxiety or restlessness in our little ones. 

Anxiety is a problem that is on the rise with our children and I see this in my own kids more often than I would like. I'm always looking for activities that take them away from the screens and focused on something that calms their minds. 

Based on the concept of river stone stacking, Himiku was created as an in-home alternative that activates the same areas of the brain. I absolutely love this idea! 

If you're interested in checking out the MANY varieties of Himiku stacking blocks, you can use this link or use the code: "LINDSEY20" to receive 20% off these already super affordable blocks. 

Happy Easter and Happy Stacking from Mommy's Block Party!




  1. These look like they would be so much fun for kids!

  2. These stacking blocks look like an entertaining and unique activity for kids. Perfect to add to an Easter basket!


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