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Have You Scheduled Your Yearly Physical?

My family is the most important gaggle of humans to me and lately, as I inch closer to 38, I've become a bit more conscious of maintaining my health.

When I reached age 30, I realized I would need to be much more proactive about my health if I wanted to keep it. That is, I realized being healthy does not just happen. All of us have a family medical history which predisposes us for a whole slew of medical issues. My family is no exception and I'm almost reluctant to admit that I am not the first person to call and schedule a yearly physical. 

Now, I go to the doctor, of course! When I have an ailment or any time an emergency occurs, I am there. However, an actual annual physical is not something I have made a yearly practice until recently and I'm glad I started.

Having had a hysterectomy, I am at a much higher risk of developing early menopause. Also having had bariatric surgery, I am at a high risk to become deficient in many essential vitamins and nutrients. One of which is vitamin B12 which I receive regularly via injection. Having been feeling exceptionally lackluster lately, I decided to schedule an appointment to have my physical and additional labs. I went in yesterday and am happy I did so. I will not receive any insight from the tests for a bit, but am looking forward to discovering why I might be feeling so "low on life" lately and hopefully start on a plan to remedy this!

If you haven't had a physical in over a year, maybe it's time to give the doctor a call. People who have yearly exams are generally healthier overall. In 2021, I want to be proactive about my health. My family depends on it and they are 1000% worth it.



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