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Finding Intimacy Through Sex Therapy


Almost a full year later, our lives still have not returned to normal. There is no doubt that many are continuing to struggle with mental, emotional, and physical health as a result of experiencing stress and anxiety in the past year.  This anxiety and stress is affecting relationship on all levels, including inside the bedroom.  Regardless of current cultural events, people have struggled to express intimacy concerns with their partners for years. 

People are very seldom willing to engage in relationship therapy, let alone divulge information related to the bedroom, so it's no wonder that sex therapy is a taboo subject in our culture. Working with a therapist to determine sexual issues that partners face together can be very effective in growing relationships and sexual intimacy.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a form of counseling to help couples and individuals face physical, emotional, and mental relationship issues that may impact sexual intimacy. Sex therapy is a specialized course of psychotherapy, or long-term counseling, that can impact behaviors, relationships, and health. 

Sex therapy can be used to uncover reasons behind sexual desire, performance, and behavior concerns. Sex therapy can also be used to help individuals and couples move beyond trauma, new life events , and even impacts from medically-related conditions. 

What can Sex Therapists do?

Sex therapists can help individuals and/or couples work out their concerns, especially if mental health is impacting sexual intimacy in some way. It only makes sense that if anxiety and depression affect the emotional and physical well-being of an individual that it would also affect sexual intimacy with one's partner. 

Licensed professionals will engage couples and/ or individuals in sex therapy. Couples should not be afraid to discuss their problems with a professional who can help them discover the core root of problems. Sometimes emotional, medical, or even physical problems affect the entire relationship without couples knowing. Unearthing problems can be difficult, so couples should be willing to be open and honest with their therapists. 

Finding the right Sex Therapist

If you and your partner need to navigate intimacy issues, seek out the help from BetterHelp.  BetterHelp therapists are licensed professionals trained to uncover and educate problems couples face together while experiencing sexual intimacy difficulties. 

Engaging in conversation about sex can be uncomfortable for some, so you will want to find a therapist that you connect with, trust, and one that knows what they are doing. 

Sex therapists usually have medical degrees and experience in mental health counselor. Whether they are marriage and family counselors, psychologists, or social workers; these professionals that have specific training and experience dealing with sexual and relationship problems. 

What happens during Sex Therapy?

First, the individual or couple will talk with the therapist so that problems can be discussed and understood. Even though discussing sexual intimacy issues can be uncomfortable, patients should be open and honest with their therapists.  Therapists need the complete picture so that they can help patients work out solutions. They might recommend trying different scenarios with your partner, or even toys for women.

Solutions might include communication exercises, counseling regarding specific mental health crises, and steps to take before the next session. Therapists will also help couples talk about their problems with each other so that each party feels heard and understood so that they can move forward together. 

Individuals are still encouraged to see their therapist even if their partner is not, as sex therapy can still be quite effective. Sometimes, unearthed problems may be related to another mental or emotional health issue that might require an additional form of therapy. 

If your relationship needs a push to get beyond sexual challenges, click here to find out more about how sex therapy might help you and your partner. This great article will help you learn more about how to prepare for sex therapy so that you and your partner grow deeper together. 

If you are ready to move forward with sex therapy, use BetterHelp's online system to find available therapists that suit your schedule. One of the best parts is that you can remain home while discussing your challenges, so that there is no chance of anyone overhearing you out in public. 

BetterHelp is a great online platform that easily allows you to find and change therapists to help you with your sexual intimacy issues. This safe, affordable, and convenient way to use therapy will surely change your relationship for the better. 

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