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Don't Forget To Feed The Birds!

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know that most of the US has experienced crazy weather this week. Living in Oklahoma, we've had below zero temps, an ice storm, a snow storm, and then another snow storm. We got about 1/4 inch of ice, and around 6-8 inches of snow. I'm lucky enough to have my days off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so for me, the bulk of these storms happened when I was at home. Which means that I got to enjoy a few days off with my hubby, and enjoy the snow from the peace and quiet of my home

Since I was home, I got to looking out the windows quite a bit, and notice a ton of birds trying to dig through the snow to find food. Their little bodies being blown by the sharp wind, fighting against a frozen ground. I happened to look over at my bird feeder and noticed that it was completely empty. In the craziness of preparing for the storm I completely forgot to fill my bird feeder. 

I ran to grab my bird seed and quickly got to work filling the feeder for them. I hung it up on my porch, and within a few minutes there were at least 10 birds at the feeder. I had cardinals, wrens, doves and a few finches happily munching away. It filled my heart with joy to watch them out of my back door and kitchen window. I love watching the birds, and can't believe I forgot about them. 

I kept a watch on the feeder throughout the next few days, and I have had to fill it up at least once, if not twice a day! If I had a way to put out luke warm water for them, I would. However, I can't even keep my own pipes from freezing, so there's no way I could keep their water from freezing. I've really enjoyed watching the birds leisurely in the snow, their beauty has captivated me, and I'm so happy that I could provide them a place to eat and a moment of cover from the harsh storms. 

Do you enjoy bird watching and feeding the birds? 

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  1. We have all types of birds and lot's of them. We feed them every winter.


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