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Dollar Tree Valentine's Candy Basket

This year for Valentine's Day, we made candy baskets for the people we love! Creating something from the heart is so unique and seeing what you can create is exciting. 

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the Dollar Store and get goodies to make a candy basket. Well, that was a dumb question- HECK YES, she loves the dollar store. 

Going in and spending $50 at the dollar store makes you feel like you are Ballin! We came out with bags of all kinds of Valentine's stuff. 

By the way, a little hint, if you see things in December/January (next year) for Valentine's Day- grab it because that stuff goes fast! We went in the last weekend of January, and WOW, the valentine's day items were picked over, but we got what we needed (and more).

Why go to the Dollar Store?

When I told my mom we were making candy baskets from the Dollar Store, she laughed because she thinks the dollar store is just junk! She doesn't have the creative spirit in her, so she can't appreciate what the dollar store offers. Yes, their stuff might be cheap, but it is what you do with the stuff that matters.  

For example, my son's girlfriend LOVES Kit Kat candy bars, so I bought a bag (even though they were Easter ones- no clue how I overlooked that but oh well), some fake flowers, cute heart decor, suckers. And I found cute Valentine's Day fortune cookies (not real) to create her a CANDY GIFT BASKET. So this basket I made maybe cost me $10.  

I don't know how to make a Basket? 

Just let your creative juices flow! There is no wrong or right way- there are all kinds of ideas on Pinterest, of course. I looked at some to get inspiration, but I didn't follow any particular plan. But to be honest, it is a better idea to go into the store with a plan and specific things you want to buy. 

You can check these Dollar Store Ideas to get inspired.

Must-haves for a Candy Basket

Of course, CANDY! We bought some at the dollar store, but Target/Walmart also has great deals on bagged candy. Many people buy the box theater candy to put around the bottom, but we found cool hard baskets at the dollar store. 

If I had to do this over, I would have bought the boxed candy- just a heads up on that. However, we made it work, and our baskets turned out AMAZING.  Make sure you have the flower green foam, wooden dowels, and glue. 

 I wanted to use the hot glue gun, but I couldn't find it (I put it somewhere safe- haha).  My daughter pointed out that the hot glue gun might melt the candy, so we used regular glue and let it sit overnight- do this, or else the candy will fall off the dowel. I had no patience because I wanted to make my basket, but it needed time to dry.  

Do you have to use CANDY?

Heck no! We made two more baskets with just self-care products- candles, bath bombs, bath salt, lotion, coffee cup, and added some candy. Get creative and think about who is getting the basket and what they would like in it. 

I would make him a car/tool basket for my husband because the dollar store has some interesting gadgets that I think he would love. 

Creating the baskets was quite fun, and I foresee us making more, but the best part of this experience was doing this with my daughter. 

So if you are looking for something fun and creative to do for Valentine's Day- head to your local dollar store (quick before they run out) also check out the dollar spot at Target- another favorite shopping spot.  

Please watch my TIK TOK on this craft plus check out MBP Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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  1. I love the Dollar Tree. I call it the $50 Tree because that is usually what I spend (at least) Those turned out really cute!


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