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Connect More Customers to Your Business with Google Adwords Ppc


So you want to connect more customers to your business but not sure where to start? Google Adwords Ppc is a great place to do this! 

What is Google Adwords Ppc? It’s an online advertising tool that allows you to bid on Ads to have a chance of appearing on the Google search network, right when people are looking for what your business has to offer. You only pay when someone clicks on your Ads that lead to clicks on your website or calls to your business, which allows you to reach a wider audience. 

Launched in 2000, Google Adwords Ppc is the largest advertising platform in the world. The advertising platform rakes in 100 billion in revenue per year, two and a half times the revenue of Facebook Ads. As you can see, Google Adwords is a platform you want to utilize when advertising for your business.

There are some important elements to keep in mind when you want to appear on the Google search network. Two metrics to have a successful PPC campaign include the Quality Score (the value that takes into account your click-through-rate, relevance, and landing page) and the CPC bid (the highest amount an advertiser is willing to spend). This type of system rewards the winning advertiser to reach potential customers at a cost that fits their budget.

So, Ad rank = Quality Score x Bid. Bidders with the highest Ad rank get the top spot. A recommendation to improve Ad rank is to focus on consistently improving Quality Score to reduce costs and outrank higher bidding competitors. 

If you’re new to Google Ppc and want to start with a basic bid strategy, select the Manual CPC option to set your maximum cost-per-click. But, if you want something more sophisticated, here are 6 automated bidding strategies that you can use:


1. Target search page location: This is an automated bidding strategy to show your Ad on top of the page or the first page of Google search results.  

2. Target CPA: This sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) you set. You need a piece of code to your website to track conversions.

3. Target ROAS: An automated bid strategy across multiple campaigns, as groups and keywords to help achieve a return on Ad spend equal to the target you set.

4. Target outrank share: An automated bid strategy that helps your Ads outrank Ads from another domain.

5. Maximise clicks: An automated strategy to help get as many clicks as possible within your budget.

6. Enhanced CPC: Raises your bid for clicks that seem more likely to lead to a sale or conversions on your website.

Now, let's focus on how to improve your Quality Score if needed. The Quality Score incorporates five key areas:

1. Keyword Research: Using keyword research tools and analytics data is important to help keep your Ads relevant. This in turn will lead to higher click-through rates, effective cost per click, and higher profits.

2. Landing Page Quality: This is where you need to optimize your landing pages for persuasive, relevant content, and a clear call to action. The landing page also needs to be tailored to specific search queries.

3. Keyword Organization: After you've done keyword research, you can define and narrow it down into a keyword list that’s meaningful and relevant to your Ad groups.

4. Ad Text: Refining text Ads with a good copy will boost click-through rates. The more targeted to your individual Ad groups, the better results you can expect.

5. Utilising Negative Keywords: These include keywords such as free, cheap, YouTube, and many more that will help exclude irrelevant search terms.

As you can see, there’s a lot to take into consideration when advertising using Google Adwords Ppc. Many digital marketing agencies can help you from the ground up, including Rockstar Marketing.

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