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Coffee Chicks Collection #MBPVDAY21 #Review

Thank you to the Chicks Co. for providing these coffees in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ah, February. The winter month of holidays full of love, chocolate, and coffee? While I love a good cup of tea during the cold winter moments, coffee is my true love when it's paired with the right chocolatey dessert. 

Perhaps it's the caffeine addiction, perhaps it's the taste, perhaps it's the way the drink soothes and warms my insides and soul.. but I love finding good types of coffee! Honestly, I find myself drinking it way more in late fall/winter than I do in the spring or summer warmer months, so if I drink it, I want to find the best beans possible.  I also want to support businesses that have missions to empower and equip people to be their best, that are fair to bean growers across the world, and that impact the lives of those they sell to. 

The Chicks Company, based in Utah, aims to connect and equip women to be fierce and fearless in their daily journey, no matter the type of personality, passions, or skills of their customers.

Wanting to support women across the world, the Chicks Co. works with the International Women's Coffee Alliance to source beans, support women coffee growers, and women-led businesses across the world. 

Coffee Chicks roasts the outsourced beans themselves, then create their own blends to represent the active lifestyles that Chicks everywhere can have.  All coffees are caffeine-based rather than caffeine-free and come in 12 oz bags of beans or drip-ground.

I was sent the Yoga Chick, the Surfer Chick, and the Skier Chick blends to try out. While I can't say I personally represent the active lifestyles these blends represent,  as I've never surfed (although, I do want to try paddleboarding) and haven't been on skis in a couple of years now. Yet, these blends represent the sense of adventure that has come from my various experiences in my life.. from skiing at Breckenridge, CO to riding the waves on a boogie board growing up. 

The Yoga Chick blend is a medium roast of blended Ethiopian, Sumatran, and Nicaraguan Beans. This is a low-acidic coffee that I absolutely love. I could taste notes of cocoa, of the various types of beans, and even a little bit of citrus in it. Sometimes coffee with high acidity bothers my stomach after a cup or two, but this is very mild and full of flavor!

The Surfer Chick blend is light roast of blended Arabica Haitian Blue, Honduran and Ethiopian beans. The taste of this blend is slightly more powerful than the Yoga Chick but still has low-acidity. To me, it tasted more "earthy" rather than citrusy or chocolatey. 

The Skier Chick blend is made from a Rwandan bean that provides a medium bold roast. It's a sweeter roast that aids to tastes of nuts, chocolate, with little fruit notes. I think this is probably my favorite of the three blends due to its sweetness and low-acidity, with Yoga Chick coming in next. 

The Coffee Chick blends represent the powerful nature that women possess, no matter where adventures and passions lead us. Coffee Chicks encourages all of us to "Sip, Dream, and Do." With great coffee that supports women across the world, there is nothing that we can't dream and aim to do! 

This Valentine's Day, I encourage you to support the dreams of women-coffee growers and empower the women in your own family to do better, dream big, and sip a cup of coffee from the Chicks Co Coffee Chicks stock. If medium roasts aren't your thing, Coffee Chicks also offers other light and dark roasts to suit your needs. 

All of these blends will make a great Valentine's Day gift for the loved one in your life, especially one's that dare to be the best Chick they can be- empowering women across the world to dream big! Partner it amazing chocolates, desserts, or snacks for your loved one! 
Want it? Get it!

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Consider joining the Coffee Chicks Subscription service if your favorite blend, like the Runner Chick, sells out fast.. that way, you will always have your favorite coffee on hand!

While grabbing your favorite coffee, check out the Chick Co. many stickers, apparel, and PPE to get you throw the day!

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Coffee drinkers, what type of blend do you prefer?

If you aren't a coffee drinker, what's your go-to hot beverage?

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