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Benefits of Couples Therapy For A Successful Relationship


Before my husband I were married, we participated in six weeks of couples counseling. Going to therapy to better your relationship should never carry a  negative stigma. Instead, it shows strength and determination to be in a successful relationship.

Before entering therapy, you may have doubts, concerns or reservations. These feelings are completely natural because it may be a new experience for you and your partner. Just because it is new, does not mean it needs to be scary. Couples therapy can be a vital tool in repairing relationship damage or strengthening trust. 

Sometimes couples therapy can even help one to navigate their own past trauma to become more emotionally available to a partner. BetterHelp has a good read on this topic and can help to answer some questions you may have before beginning your therapy journey. 

It's important to communicate as much as you can with your partner to make sure you are both in agreeance upon why therapy may be necessary and to commit to attending the allotted sessions. If one partner is not fully committed to the process, it can sometimes make the other partner feel as though they are carrying the load of healing or growth.

Going to therapy with your partner is ideal but did you know you can attend couples therapy, solo? If you find yourself in this situation, it truly shows that you are committed to strengthening your relationship. This can also help a therapist understand your point of view in a raw and honest encounter. While this can be beneficial for a time, it's always best to eventually include both partners in therapy so that both parties can feel as though they are growing together and also contributing to the progress being made. 

If your relationship has hit a few road bumps and you're considering seeking out professional help on how to navigate, therapy can be a great tool. There doesn't need to be a stigma attached to seeking out help in handling life's difficult problems. Sometimes, we can all use a little bit of help in our relationships and while it may be a difficult road, it will be worth it. 

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