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Additions to Easter to Make Your Celebrations Feel Special


As a holiday, Easter can often fall behind a little bit in terms of the excitement factor. Overshadowed by Christmas and birthdays, which often entail exciting gifts while the former entails a twenty-four-day countdown to drum up anticipation and atmosphere, Easter can feel that it simply comes and goes. Even Halloween has its uniquely spooky identity to keep it afloat in a sea of holidays. However, Easter has always had an ace to play; Easter famously brings chocolate.

This, though doing wonders to keep it as an exciting day in the calendar for kids everywhere, has had the unfortunate side-effect of pigeonholing what Easter can do. Not that this chocolate-themed identity is a bad thing, far from it. However, it’s sometimes good to take a step back and inspect what else the day could have in store – if only to make the chocolate seem that much more impressive.

Throw in an Early Easter Game

While other entries might focus on things that can be enjoyed by all age groups, this is targeted at younger children. It’s a great and lesser celebrated way to start off your Easter on the right foot, keeping the energy high and allowing it to feel like a special event. Now, these aren’t just any old games; these are games specifically tailored to the holiday. While many of these require some extra materials to work with, this is also a good opportunity to inject some arts and crafts into the day. It’s a wholesome way of introducing your children to some new skills and activities while also giving yourself a chance to unwind with some easy-going craftwork.

Alternatively, these games don’t need to include new materials at all. You could take a more upbeat approach to the start of the day, rebranding a simple game like ‘It’ to become ‘Rabbits and Hares,’ with the chaser being the hare and those running as the rabbits.

Adding Variety Through Alternative Gifts

As stated previously, there’s nothing wrong with chocolate. However, variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to Easter gifts, there’s a lot of room to get creative. Chocolate was the only thing on the agenda before, and now there are endless options. With options, though, comes the prospect of being overwhelmed by choice. Sweetheart Creative has a wide range of personalised Easter gifts available to help you overcome this block, giving you the opportunity to deliver some unique and memorable gifts to help the holiday stand-out among the competition.

Earning that Inevitable Chocolate with an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter without chocolate at all might cause a bit of outrage within your household. Understandable, since this has become a bit of a famous tradition and maybe still the core of excitement for many kids (and adults). Instead of just handing it out, a more fun alternative could be to turn it into an Easter egg hunt, hiding them throughout the house or garden in various areas and leaving a trail for them to be found. It adds a layer of excitement to the process and could help to make them feel more earned.


  1. These are great ideas. And yes.. chocolate must be involved!

  2. These are excellent ideas! Rebranding simple games with an Easter theme sounds fun.


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