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Add Some Fun to Your Valentine's Day with Funko Snapsies! #MBPVDAY21


Thanks to Funko for providing me with samples. All thoughts are my own.

Do your kids love surprises? Mine sure do! My oldest became fascinated with 'surprise' toys as soon as he learned what a 'surprise egg' was, thanks to YouTube! With surprise type toys being all the rage, and having been made super popular by several YouTubers, my kids are hooked! Last Christmas, all the kids wanted were surprise toys!

This Valentine's Day, we're adding some fun surprises to the mix with sweet Snapsies by Funko! There are 18 Snapsies to collect and play with! Available at Target stores and on Target.com for $9.99, each Snapsies surprise comes with a cute little snap-together toy that can be mixed and matched with other Snapsies!

Beanie couldn't wait to see what awaited her!

The Snapsies we received were all boxed up, and the kids had a blast opening up the boxes, intrigued by what might possibly be inside. Each box contained a medium size bag, which needed to be opened to unveil the surprise!

Beanie couldn't wait to open the Snapsies bag!

Each box contained a bag, and once opened, a purple plastic pull-apart ball was revealed! What was in the ball? We took the ball apart to find even more surprises!

Each ball contained a few goodies!

The surprise balls contained stickers, a few accessories for the Snapsies, and a collector's page, as well as more surprise bags to open up!

Lots of fun pieces to mix and match!

The pieces snap together to create fun little Snapsies friends! We received Noelle, Pockets, and Promise! I think Promise was the clear favorite, as she has a wedding veil, and Beanie is obsessed with making her toys marry each other right now. Beanie is four, nearly five years old, and she does need a little bit of help removing the snap together pieces, but has no trouble snapping them back together. All in all, we think Snapsies are really cute and fun!

Snapsies are so much fun!

We've been having a lot of fun taking the Snapsies apart and configuring them in different ways. The fun never ends! With 18 different ones to collect, you can have your own little world of Snapsies right at home!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Target.com to grab some Snapsies for Valentine's Day, or look for them when shopping in-store. Be sure to catch these cuties in our 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

Who would you love to surprise with Snapsies this Valentine's Day?

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