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5 Ways to Combat Travel Anxiety

Do you love going on vacation but hate the traveling part?

If yes, you are far from alone. 

51% of U.S vacationers admit to feeling stressed at the prospect of traveling, with one in three of these people cancelling or delaying their trip as a result of travel anxiety.

Fortunately, if this feels all too familiar, you do not have to suffer in silence. You can find ways to combat your anxiety and start to enjoy the whole process of going on vacation – including the traveling part.

From using CBD oil to calm your nerves, to practicing breathing techniques and identifying your triggers, keep reading to find out how you can banish your travel anxiety for good. 

  1. Discover what triggers your anxiety

Whether you are scared of getting on a plane, feel stressed out at the thought of large crowds at the airport or you are just terrified that something bad will happen, identifying your triggers is crucial if you want to find the right coping strategies to deal with your travel anxiety.

It can also be a good idea to find out if there are any other factors that contribute to your travel anxiety such as caffeine, stress or low blood sugar levels.

  1. Distract yourself from traveling 

Although you may not be able to control where you have to go when traveling, such as to the airport, on an airplane etc., you can be in charge of the activities that you choose to do while traveling.

Therefore, it can be a good idea to bring lots of distractions that will take your focus off the actual traveling itself. Depending on your personal preference, distractions could be a movie or video game, or something more tranquil such as a coloring book or a magazine.

  1. Try natural relaxation remedies 

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to help people calm down and de-stress. Whether you have used this natural remedy before or you are a first-timer, taking a CBD oil supplement from premier supplier CBD Guru or even just rubbing some CBD massage oil on your body before you head for the airport or on a road trip can help to reduce any anxiety you have and leave you feeling much more relaxed. 

  1. Practice breathing techniques

Although this may seem like such a simple thing, making sure you are breathing correctly can mean the difference between you having a full-blown panic attack and being able to calmly overcome your anxiety. 

You can find many different mindful breathing techniques online, many of which can be practiced in a small space such as in a car or on an airplane. Do not feel embarrassed to practice your breathing techniques around other travelers, they are more than likely too caught up in their traveling issues to notice anyway!

  1. Travel with family or friends 

Many people find traveling alone much more stressful than traveling with a loved one. If this is the case for you, the solution is simple. Do not travel alone. Furthermore, if there are certain aspects of traveling that fuel your anxiety more than others, such as picking up your car rental or sorting out all the tickets and passports, ask a family member or friend to take care of this for you.  


  1. It can be very stressful. You have some great tips!

  2. Agreed w tat2gurlzrock, great tips! Just curious, do you know anyone who has tried CBD oil for their anxiety? Had it meaningfully improved their lives? -Saimah


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