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3 Phases starting the renovation process


Home renovations are never easy, let’s get to that point straight away. Simply said, remodeling parts of your house, from the exterior all the way in, is more than just an aesthetic procedure. It is a learning experience filled with worthwhile challenges along the way. As yourcalvert.com stated having to renovate your home even a small room can be a big project and you need to do a lot of preparation. More than that, the renovation process can be dangerous if you don't have any equipment for your working process. Before starting the renovation, check MTN SHOP for safety gear to make your workflow safer.

But when not done right, you might find yourself lost or stuck along the stages of the renovation process. Sometimes for months on end, some even for years. Veer away from falling into this trap by approaching every stage of the process with positivity and confidence in every step you make.

Worrying won’t get you anywhere and panicking can only do as much as stop you where you stand. The fear of not being able to finish what you’ve started will always loom around each corner, but with foresight factored in to play, what could go wrong?

Let’s get to know the 3 stages of the home renovation process, learn and see where we actually stand and get ourselves moving towards the finish line in no time at all!

Stage One: The Planning Phase

No one goes into war without a battle plan. The same can be said for renovating your house. Without an order of battle or feasible planning at the earliest stage of conceptualization, you’d have lost the war from the very start.

With proper planning, you go further in the details and set forth into motion a clear set of ideas that weave seamlessly into better concepts of what lies ahead in the construction phase. Planning prepares you better in accepting failures and helps you to get on moving in spite of hitting potholes along the way.

In the planning phase of the home renovation process, is where you will lay all your cards on the table. This is when you discuss the available budget, its full extent, nothing more and nothing less. The planning phase is where you literally draw up plans, configure the size and scale of the existing home into the viable transformation it can allow according to the space and shape of the proposed remodeling. This is where dreams meet reality for the first time ever, like on a blind date, and see if they match for keeps.

If this is the phase you currently find yourself in, then lucky you.  You now have the luxury to jot down your priorities in tackling the first obstacle in the stages of home renovation. Going into this first step basically requires you to understand and comprehend the rules of engagement when planning for a home renovation.

Here are some of the finer points to ponder on in this phase;

  • What do you want to renovate?

  • How big is the renovation going to be?

  • Do we have the budget and the means to carry on the renovation?

  • Are we logistically capable of handling the renovation?

  • Am I mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for this?

In whatever order you choose to answer these questions, it’s all up to you. The main thing that needs to be addressed in this phase is how holistic your approach will be in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead in the next 2 phases.

Stage 2: The Plan against Budget Phase

Stage 2 is all about getting deeper into the home renovation process by putting together pieces of the puzzle. You have planned out how the renovation will take place and have sized up the extent of the remodeling. It’s time to see the accuracy of the plans drawn against reality.

In this phase, we crunch the numbers and see if the elements incorporated in the plans fit the established budget. We get to decide if the jacuzzi with four whirlpools fit the landscaped deck, budget-wise, and area wise.

This phase essentially helps breathe life into your design and all these changes you want to see, by weighing down all options and factors that affect your home renovation plans in real-time. This is also where you get to keep changing ideas about creative direction, as it would prove to be more expensive to tear down walls and build them up again in reality.

Stage 2 allows you to compose your masterpiece without any material constraints, at least on paper. This is where your designer or builder tells you if your crazy idea is entirely feasible on the budget and the timeline involved. This way, you get a foothold on the real cost to build, and not overshoot on the final budget.

This phase also gives you the courtesy to consider important factors right before you get started on renovations. You can seek out advice from professional contractors, ask them for cost estimates, and assess everything from your end to get to that decision.

Stage 3: The have I considered everything phase

Not all home renovations get done quick, awesomely beautiful, and well within budget. Some homeowners suffer delays at overwhelming costs and a heavily dented project timeline. Such instances only unravel much more failures that could be traced back to poor planning. It doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Successfully providing answers to the five questions in phase 1 will get your home renovation started in the correct way, with the right measures in place. In getting started, you need to take the first lunge in reaching the goal with a clear vision of how everything is going to play out, up until the end.

With careful planning on the ground, get the ball rolling by gathering knowledge on the types of permits needed to get the home renovation started. In Australia alone, there are codes we need to go by and adhere to right before any kind of building and construction gets greenlighted. By all means, get the proper permits to cover your project, even when you decide to go the DIY route. Local zoning regulations govern whatever changes you plan to do inside or outside your home.

Hire a contractor and when you do, go for someone who has the track record to show for. Years of experience will dictate the level of professionalism a contractor or a builder has, and it is his to protect. A builder will not dare to lose his or her license on account of a busted job or failed project. This also protects your interest in going forward with the renovation.

From the onset of conceptualization up to the culmination of the project, there are going to be countless instances where you will find yourself and your team of contractors or builders in different situations that will require your utmost patience. You may even face undue stress somewhere along the process, and even right up the finish line.

Going hand in hand into your home remodeling project with the right amount of planning, mindset, and teamwork will not only help you and everyone involved to achieve more but also speed up and save more in the long run. All you need to do is to immerse yourself with the responsibilities that follow each stage of the process and know your way around it.

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