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12 Of The Top Game Apps To Play With Friends Remotely


While house parties with friends over the weekend is not a thing anymore, there’s always a way to recreate the gaming experience in another way. Whether you are a Scrabble maniac or a card game lover, there’s always the option to play these games via your phone. Likewise, you can find a free bingo game to play that suits your needs, whether you're in the mood to chat with friends or just want to spend a few hours at home. Most of these drifting games are actually available and free for download, so you just have to download the apps. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the top multiplayer games you can play with your peers on your phone, so read on to find out what they are! 

1. Mario Kart Tour

Have you not downloaded this yet? The mobile app version of Mario Kart is actually no less fun and is a great way to play the beloved game with your friends remotely. All you need to do after downloading the free game is to set up a Nintendo account, and then play some games so as to clear the first level. As soon as that is done, the “Friends” icon will be visible from the menu bar, which is located near the bottom part of your home screen. Now, you can add your mates by keying in their Nintendo Account or Player ID, and get your match started up! And if you’re a fan of online gambling sites, be sure to check out this one that has no deposit bonuses.

2. Scrabble GO

Scrabble is the og board game that everyone has probably played at least once, and while there have been several knock-off apps available for a long time, nothing beats the original official app! Scrabble GO was relaunched in the app version around March 2020, where over two million users are online every day. As an updated version, the app provides an experience very much like the board game, where users can play with friends via a simple add, or by connecting their app to their Facebook account. 

3. Kahoot! 

Kahoot is the top app you can use to test your friends on how much they actually know you. With Kahoot, you can create your very own quizzes with true or false answers, or with multiple choices. You can then share the unique game code with up to ten peers so everyone gets a pie of the live quiz! You can also upgrade the app for $9.99 monthly so as to invite more friends to be part of your quiz.

4. Sky: Children of the Light 

If you’re looking for an experience similar to that of a video game, then Sky: Children of the Light is the game to check out! Available for free to both Android and IOS users, the app was actually awarded the Game of the Year by Apple in 2019. It is a beautifully animated game, and with the goal to bring fallen stars back to their constellations, you are made to fly through seven realms via solving fun mysteries with friends. While the game can be played alone, it’s definitely more fun to play it with friends, and you can do so by creating and sending them a QR Code Friend invitation. 

5. Houseparty

Houseparty was certainly a hit during the lockdown situation, where friends can video chat with each other and have fun playing charades-type games in the app together. All you need to do is to invite your friends online, select the icon situated at the top right corner, and choose Heads Up! to launch a game. While there are various free charade decks for your perusal, you can also purchase more unique themed decks for around a dollar. 

6. Yahtzee with Buddies

For those who have grown up with the Hasbro game, the mobile app version of it is sure to satiate your dose of fun as you play the game with your family and friends! Simply add your friends’ usernames to connect with them by clicking the “Social” tab at the bottom screen area, or you can also click on the green circle button at the bottom right side to easily identify your Facebook friends. 

7. Uno

Uno! This visually appealing app offers several variations of the Uno card game for your choice of play, but only the original “classic mode” allows you to play multiplayer with your few friends. With a few taps, you’ll be able to invite your peers to your created match easily by sending out invite links via WhatsApp or text message. The Uno mobile game also allows for players to communicate via the text or talk functions. 

8. Psych! Outwit Your Friends 

Psych! Outwit Your Friends Is the one-stop game that allows you to play various fun trivia games which you should totally check out. Every player takes their turn to create hilariously real-sounding fake answers to different trivia questions, where the ones who manage to seek out the right answer will earn points. You also stand to win points when you have successfully psyched others into picking your curated answer. Get the fun started by creating a game from the home screen and then sharing the unique game code with the rest of the crew. 


9. 8 Ball Pool

No pool table? No problem. 8 Ball Pool recreates the experience virtually. In the 8 Ball Pool app, you can have fun playing individually with any random user online, or better yet, challenge your friends to a game of online pool and see who emerges as the ultimate winner! 

10. QuizUp

QuizUp is a free trivia mobile app that offers various series of themed questions that cover topics including that of Disney, and the Game of Thrones. You can play it with random users worldwide, but can also play with your peers by inviting them in via the game links. 

11. Monopoly 

For a cost of $3.99, download Monopoly on your mobile phone to enjoy the fun of this classic game. With this mobile version of the app, you can recreate the Monopoly game in different ways, by either playing individually against the in-game system or with your family and friends via the multiplayer route. 

12. Hearts

A classic trick-based and evasion-focused card game, Hearts is great for playing alone or with friends. You can choose a single-player mode or multiplayer mode on hearts.land and then begin playing a competitive game of cards. If you’re new to the game, feel free to read up on the rules and strategies at the bottom of the webpage, or just try to learn as you go. The great thing about this site is that you don’t necessarily have to have four people live to play the game. For example, if you and your friend want to play, just join a multiplayer game and get matched with other live players who are around at that time. Keep track of your top scores and records and try to beat them in the future.


It’s always possible to have fun with your friends without breaking the rules! Keep yourself safe and happy, by checking out these fun games to play remotely with your loved ones today. To find out what application your friends and world smartphone users are downloading visit mobile app trends and statistics 2022.

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