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Why Parents Should Buy School Supplies in Bulk During Covid


When the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, not many people anticipated the pandemic's effect on their day-to-day life. Just like in many other sectors, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a lot of implications on education. With the back to school craze, school supplies have become a bit more expensive.  

Most stores are anticipating children going back to learning, whether that is in school or remotely. The reopening of schools will lead to increased spending but unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, many parents have had their income slashed or lost it overall, leaving them with not enough money at their disposal.

So how can parents save up and ensure they don't overspend during these challenging times? One of the ways of ensuring that it is buying school supplies in bulk. Here are a few reasons why buying in bulk can help you relieve some of the financial stress off your back.

Benefits of Buy School Supplies in Bulk


It's no secret that times are hard, which is why every coin counts. According to a survey done by over 1000 parents by FinanceBuzz, most of them admitted that they plan to spend less than what they had spent in the previous years on back to school shopping. 

Wholesale school supplies will save you more cash than buying an individual product, especially if you are buying directly from the retailer. Supermarkets will charge you for the branding, packing, and all their expenses that come with supermarket shopping. 

Availability of the Item

Buying in bulk means you will not lack the specific item for a long time. You know how easy it is for school children to lose items, and there is nothing as frustrating as running around desperately looking for an item your child urgently needs. And now, with the pandemic, things are a bit harder to find as some stores have shut down and the lockdown as well. 

People are stocking up on items that the child can use to keep safe such as sanitizers and face masks, which are essential for children going back to school. Buying these items in bulk will ensure that your kids always have access to them.

It Saves Time

When kids resume learning, they will need to have all their school supplies ready at the go if you buy them in bulk. This will help you save so much time that you would have otherwise spent running around looking for items that you can easily have in bulk. 

Reduce Waste

If you value your environment, especially now with the pandemic, then you should significantly consider buying in bulk. Bulk buying reduces the amount of material that would have been used in packaging, which means less of it is discarded in the environment. 

Remember that school supplies aren't perishable goods, so you don't have to worry about them going bad.

Wholesale School Supplies Will Save You a Lot

Bulk buying is the new norm, especially now that the pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world. Having school supplies in bulk will help you save your time and money since wholesale buying is cheaper and will mean that the supplies are within easy reach.

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