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What to Do In Child Custody Battles and What Not To Do?


Deep down inside you know that you are determined to get child custody. But are you aware of the things you should be doing – and what you shouldn’t be doing to make that happen? The following is a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have a good image in court. Also, these tips will help you get child custody sooner.


How to Get Started?

Winning child custody battles means you need to show an interest to cooperate with your ex to get custody of your child. The court needs to be able to verify this with proof that is demonstrated by your actions. The court and the opposition will use any tactic that may or may not be in your favor. To get more information, you can visit https://www.kanialaw.com/tulsa-attorneys/family-divorce-law/child-custody-oklahoma.


Cooperate With Your Ex

If you want to get custody of your child, you must have a positive attitude while communicating with your ex. The court understands that you have personal issues with your ex. That is the reason why you have gotten a divorce.

But the court also needs to see that you are interested in gaining custody of your child. One of the ways to make that happen is to work with your ex. Because truth be told they are the other parent. Some parents have lost their child custody case just because they couldn’t work together with their ex.


Utilize Parental Rights

Do not be absent if you have been given visitation rights with your children. You should be able to show the court that you are willing to help your children with an upcoming test. The court needs to see that you are just as eager to help your kids with an academic project as you are to take them to the movies or the beach. You should be able to demonstrate to the court that you want to be a part of your child’s life.


Demand In-Home Custody Evaluation

Some people will be concerned that their ex is trying to portray a negative image of their role as a father or mother, to the court. In situations like these, it will be helpful to demand an in-home custody evaluation. The entire experience can prove to be extremely helpful if you and your child have a good time together. In any case, it is always good to have a neutral party to evaluate the visiting experience for your child. If you are a mom fighting for sole custody, look for someone who can help, like a mother custody lawyer in houston.


Recognize that Court Opinion Matters

This is one of the most difficult things to do without a good family law attorney. Understand that not everything is an argument over what is right. The court is trying to decide on WHO is right. So you need to make sure you are always on time for court looking the best you can with the best courtroom etiquette.

It doesn’t matter whether they tell you or not, the court is judging your every move. Everything you do should give the court enough proof that you are the loving, caring parent they are looking for.


The Don’ts of a Child Custody Dispute

Achieving child custody of your children is not going to be easy. Especially because courts are in favor of some kind of joint custody in all cases. Sometimes parents can wreck their chances of getting child custody by doing what they shouldn’t. Let’s look at some of the things you shouldn’t do while trying to get child custody of your children.


Do Not Speak Badly of Your Ex

Speaking badly about your ex, especially during a child custody case, is going to look bad on you. Regardless of all the bitter experiences and feelings, try to keep your negative opinions about your ex to yourself. Go to the beach or some other place where you can relax and vent with your friends.

This can be especially difficult if you have children who have the habit of asking unnecessary questions. You need to be as nice as possible to your children and they do not need to know every little detail.


Do Not Be Late for Visits or Summons

Being late is all it takes for the court and your ex’s family attorney to create a negative impression of you. Set an alarm if you are scheduled to meet your children on a certain day. Being on time for visitations and court summons displays confidence and that family life is a priority for you.

Keep in mind, a divorce or separation can be especially difficult for children. You need to use every opportunity to show them that you care.


Do Not Use Alcohol or Drugs

You should not be using alcohol or drugs before a visitation or a court summon. The opposition can easily use this to their favor if you commit any kind of offense or misdemeanor under the influence. The court will agree that you are not a good influence on any child, let alone your own.

If you do commit any kind of misdemeanor under the influence it could also go into your permanent record. This could create even more problems for you in the long run. The court is interested in protecting your children’s well-being. You cannot be a good influence on your child if you are not sober.


Do Not Make Up Imaginary Stories

The court understands that each parent is eager to gain custody of their child. But this does not give either parent the right to make up imaginary stories just to humiliate their spouse. The court has all the means and resources to get to the bottom of the truth in each case. If you are telling lies, the court will know.

All of these imaginary stories will make you look bad when the court finds out about the truth in each case. The opposition will have won without even trying. It will also reduce your chances of ever getting any kind of child custody.   


Do Not Tell Your Kids Everything

It can be tempting to let your kids in on the whole child custody conflict. After all, you could use their cooperation to help you win the case. The reason why the court has all of these rules is to make sure that you do not do anything like that. The court needs to make sure that you are the parent who is in charge of the children as the natural sequence of events plays out. Not the other way around.

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