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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-What We Want to Get Done Vs. What We'll Probably Do

Happy Saturday, friends! We have a 3-day weekend on our hands, just another (and the least important) reason to be thankful for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! 

Like I do every weekend that we have extra time, I have been going a little overboard with what I hope to accomplish. There are things that we must do - like I absolutely must return a book to the library, and things that I want to do- like explore some areas and take awesome pictures in nature, deep clean my bathroom (I know I sound like a dorky old person, but I got this awesome cleaner that I can't wait to use), and try a few crafty projects I saw on Tik Tok (especially the Cloud Ceiling one I saw recently and can't stop thinking about). 

All of these things sound possible and wonderful, but since I know myself I can tell you that while the library thing will definitely get done and the bathroom has a strong possibility of getting done- the other items on my "hope to accomplish" list will be what I look at later on today and talk myself out of doing because I'd rather read a new book.  Then, on Tuesday, I will be kicking myself for not at least starting a few of the projects. Maybe I should have someone follow me around to slap things out of my hand that are not related to the tasks on my list.

What are you up to this weekend? I hope that you are able to enjoy it all, whether you are completing everything on your own list or finding ways to the things on your list. 

Have a spectacular Saturday!  



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