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Tips for Surf Fishing at Night


Surf fishing is often done at night to follow the feeding habits of different types of fish. If you are an avid surf fisherman, you always look for ways to improve your skill and bag more game before you head for home.

Guess what? You are in luck! Here we will share some great tips that might help improve your tactics and up your game.

Why Try Surf Fishing at Night

  • You will Get More Fish

You will get more fish at night because generally predatory fishes move nearby the shoreline for food.

  • Better Possibility to Catch Bigger Fish

You will have a better possibility to catch bigger fish due to the feeding habit of predator fishes at night.

  • No Seasickness

The seawater remains calmer from midday till dawn. So, you can avoid seasickness by choosing this time of the day.

  • No Skin Damage or Sunburn

You can avoid skin damage due to scorching sun and also don’t need to apply sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from sunburn. 

  • No Possibility of Sickness from Heat

It is often difficult, uncomfortable, and exhausting to fish in the scorching heat during the daytime. Night fishing gives you the opportunity to avoid heat. 

  • Less Competition

Few anglers fish at night than in the daytime, so you will face less competition then and can have more space for fishing comfortably. 

  • Less Disturbance

You will find a fewer crowd of anglers, surfers, and swimmers at night. So, you can enjoy fishing with less disturbance. 

Great Tips for Surf Fishing at Night

  • Arrive at Your Favorite Location Before Sunset

Arrive at the favorite location where you want to fish before sunset because then you will need to perform less navigation at night. 

  • Find the Right Equipment

You should find the proper equipment or a whole rig at first. Now it is much easier to get rigs online on different sites such as Drop Rig or Fish Finder Rig. If you are a beginner, the fish finder rig will be the best choice for you. 

  • Locate A Target Spot

Locate a target spot before you fish because it will be tough to do that at night. Search spots like beaches, other shorelines during the daytime so that you can come there for fishing at night. You can effectively utilize low tides for searching areas with hollows, dips, structures, and sandbanks for making a guess of the fishes’ hiding or feeding places.  

  • Keep Track of the Tide

Check out the tide when trying to fish with a tide chart. You can fish more effectively during a high tide than a low because high tides draw bigger fish near the seashore. But you should not fish during slack tides because then fishes are mostly drawn away from the shoreline. 

Many prefer surf fishing a few hours before or after a slack tide to land more fish. It will be better to reach and begin fishing two hours before a high tide and continue fishing for 4 consecutive hours. 

  • Seek Help from Nearby People

You can seek help from the tackle/bait shop employees and the locals for suggestions or tips on the right spot for fishing. When a cut or rip remains through the shoals, you must set that zone for fishing. Because these zones offer more productiveness for fishing. 

  • Set the Rig Right

You can reach sinkers, leader materials, and hooks easily when the whole rig is properly organized because you’ll have a visibility problem during the night. 

  • Stay Updated of the Weather

There are many atmospheric conditions like tide speed, wind speed, and rain that might have an impact when surf fishing. No doubt we cannot fish smoothly in rough weather, high winds, or in rain. 

  • Know the Bait

You must take the proper live bait with you before going fishing at night and it may differ based on the situations. Some helpful live baits are sandworms, hard- and soft-shell crabs, mole crabs, squids, bloodworms, ragworms, mullets, and shrimps. When you are not much sure, you can simply ask in bait shops about the best live baits to use depending on the fish type you expect to catch and on the area. 

  • Remember to Take Essentials

Take a good headlamp or flashlight with you so you can see everything clearly around you. Headlamps will be even better than flashlights because they keep your hands-free. You can check out FisherReel because they reviewed today’s top-class fishing headlamps in case you are planning to buy one.  

There might be lots of bugs on the shorelines at night. So, arm yourself with a bug spray. You can also keep a small notepad for keeping a list of required fishing equipment and other relevant items. 

  • Take Necessary Safety measures

Undertows and waves are risks for you while surf fishing because they cause injuries or even deaths in some cases. Don't forget to use waders and a wader belt to keep yourself dry in case you accidentally fall into the seawater. 

  • Take a Family Member or Friend with You

Taking a family or friend with you is crucial because they can help you set up your rig and raise the chance of getting large fish. Surf fishing at night or during the daytime is not different, the only difference is the visibility issue. So, taking a company during surf fishing at night will definitely help you.


So, keep these tips in mind and follow them next time you take part in your surf fishing session at night. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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