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The Best Outdoor Brands for the Active Family


With the outdoor season rapidly approaching, families are especially antsy to get out of the house this year. Expectations are that this spring and summer will see a large number of people enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and even the stars and moonlight. With this rush on camping, hiking, and outdoor sports, making sure that you and your family have the right gear is important. Here are a few of the highest quality and most well-known brands around:


The Coleman name is synonymous with outdoor living and recreation. They have products that cover everything from cooking to hunting/fishing to sleeping. It all started in 1900 when W.C. Coleman invented the first gas-powered lantern. In 1942, Coleman produced a camping stove for WWII soldiers. Now, they can supply families with everything they need from a coast to coast road trip to a stay up in the mountains. They offer tents, sleeping gear, lanterns, cooking products, coolers, and many other items for your adventures.


RIO has been around since 1947 creating unique and stylish outdoor gear for individuals and families with diverse interests. They focus on converting the trendy and classic outdoor styles and designs to furniture and other accessories. They combine comfort and eye appeal with quality and functionality. Products they offer include beach chairs, outdoor camping equipment, sporting gear, beach loungers and rolling carts, umbrellas, and many others. These items maybe a little bit more high-end than some other brands on the list. However, for those who believe investing in high-quality products and equipment is a wise idea, RIO outdoor products is well worth it. 

LL Bean 

LL Bean does a lot more than boots. They offer an incredible selection of outdoor products and accessories as well. They can help you with all sorts of camping, kayaking, fishing, and swimming needs, along with several others. They also have information guides on various outdoor activities to help you make the right choices in gear and equipment. The reliability and track record of the brand has created a fiercely loyal customer base. Time and time again their products receive among the highest grades when independently reviewed against competitors.

The North Face

The North Face has become a very well known name in the outdoor apparel and accessory industry in the last several years. Although they are most recognizable for their cold weather products and specialties such as rugged outer layers suited for cold weather climbing, their offerings cover the entire year. They have a very impressive catalog that offers lightweight and breathable running wear, hiking and trail running shoes, Hydra backpacks, and many other items.


Columbia stays true to its business by staying true to the customers it serves. Unlike some competitors who offer an outdoor line as a multi-line or brand company, Columbia only offers outdoor apparel, products, and gear. That gives it greater respect among those who are also dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle. The company is currently focusing on the spring and summer lines with the goal of expanding them in the near future.


Backcountry offers some of the most recognizable names in the outdoor industry, while also producing their own brand of quality, affordable apparel and products. With well-known items from trusted manufacturers, this is a great place to shop online. One of the ways they keep costs down is by being an online retailer exclusively. Without the leasing fees and upkeep costs of brick and mortar locations, Backcountry can operate for less overhead, passing savings on to the customer. They also have some of the best end-of-season sales around.


R.E.I. has a mind-boggling selection of outdoor gear and equipment. A person can lose track of time wandering around one of their stores looking at the many available items. From elaborate outdoor cookware to inflatable mattresses to their high-quality apparel, R.E.I. can turn a week in the woods into a stay at a 5-star resort.

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