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National Write to Congress Day 1/3/21

Change isn't always a bad thing,  but if you are like me you never speak of what changes you could make yourself.  I complain about rules and laws, but I never felt that I could make an impact by writing a letter.  I didn't know that there was such a day of observance as Write a letter to Congress Day, but now I feel like it is something I'd like to do. Where do I start?
There are so many things that I feel need to be said, but I know that emotions can run high when something affects you so deeply.  I think it is important to be clear,concise, and use your head to actually be heard. 

You should plan what you need to say by creating an outline.  State your position and bring in facts. Don't let your emotions create a barrier to the message.  

Research your position.
Focus on the facts. 
Don't dismiss your feelings but don't rely heavily on them.

If you could write a letter that would impact congress what would you write about?

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