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My Favorite Pastry: Pain Au Chocolat


Every once in a while, I get into a "pastry" mode. I am far from the perfect baker and probably have a lot to learn about rolling out and chilling dough to make the perfect layers and consistency for French pastries. 

Yet, this weekend I had the urge to make the French pastry called "Pain Au Chocolat". The literal meaning is bread with chocolate. In college, I was able to spend time studying abroad in Dijon, France, and fell in love with these pastries. I love chocolate. I love bread. I love carbs.. so of course I love pastries, so it only makes sense that I love Pain Au Chocolat!

While it is far easier to purchase these delightful treats from your local bakery (better if it's French owned, like our "Far From France" Store in Wilmington), making pastries takes time but not too much effort! If you are spending more time home this winter, it might be a fun thing to do with your kids and loved ones as it really will take almost a full day to achieve the many layers needed!

I use this recipe from Easy Pain Au Chocolat Recipe from Spruce Eats, but google to your hearts content until you find one that is suitable for you. 

Some things to remember: 

  • Pastry Dough does have yeast in it. It can be difficult to achieve the perfect water temp, so make sure to check out all instructions beforehand! I use fast-acting yeast.. the individual packets are better, but loose yeast is great too!
  • Keep your dough COLD! During each rollout, butter will be used to help get that crispy flaky inside. Keeping Dough Cold helps the butter not melt- and voila, flakiness! 
  • Use good chocolate, if available to you. Using chips or Nutella is perfectly okay, but these are oh-so delicious with wonderful bakers chocolate.. or your favorite type of chocolate! 
  • For an extra-special touch, add sprinkled powdered sugar to your pastries!
  • Grab a cup of coffee, glass of milk, or your preferred beverage and enjoy!

What is your favorite pastry? 

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