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Love Your Body Well with Bellaria Activewear #Review #MBPVDAY21


Thank you to Bellaria for providing this matching set. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Valentine's Day is all about love. Whether we want to express love to a significant other, family, or friends, we first need to love ourselves. Valentines Day reminds us that we need to care for our own well-being so that we can love and care for others in our lives. One of the best we can do that is by taking care of our bodies and minds by being active! 

I admit, I'm horrible at this. It's super easy to get caught up in the "to-do" list and ignore my own needs! It's easy to think I don't have enough time, that I'm not comfortable enough in work-out clothes, and that I'll never match those trainers I try to follow on the on-demand system. But, I need to pay attention to my own health or I won't be able to love others well in the future! I have recently tried to make being active a priority, and have found that the right clothing motivates me even further! 

Bellaria offers affordable activewear that will help motivate all of us get into the mood to workout. Also, leisure wear and swimwear will instill confidence and relaxation as we rest our bodies up for the next challenges life brings. 

From Sports Bras to Shorts, Bellaria offers something that will make you feel good, love yourself, and want to get moving! 

Matching Leggings/ Bra Set
(note, jacket not included.. I was just cold until I got warmed up!)

I was sent the Allison Set- a matching sports bra and leggings in maroon in XL. I absolutely love the color and feel of the material! This set is also available in black and navy blue. 

The sports bra straps hug close to the neck, which means no worries about straps sliding down shoulders while doing high-intensity movements. As someone who is well-endowed, I often struggle with support and padding, along with issues with sweat and chafing. The compression racerback style offers a good amount of support that is much needed when doing cardio. 

These Mid-Rise leggings hug the calves and hips tightly and contain tummy control to help keep in what we don't want to see but still create shape. I was highly comfortable in these leggings while doing upright work, but I discovered I need a high-rise legging when doing mat work. 

Unfortunately, these leggings rolled or inched down, which became uncomfortable when trying to do crunches and mountain climbers! In the future, these leggings will be used for cardio work that isn't floor related.. they were even fine during jump ropes and knee lifts!

Most Bellaria items are sized S to L, with some items available in XL I would suggest to check out the sizing charts before ordering to make sure your items will fit! 

If you are looking to find a way to express love to someone in your life, or to your own soul and body this Valentine's Day, Bellaria Activewear is for you! Find that perfect piece in the perfect color that will want to make you get your work-out on, whether it's in front of the tv's On-demand system, at the gym, or out for a walk! 

Looking for something to remain comfortable in as we continue to stay home more? Many of Bellaria's items are great for leisurewear, including their oversized sweatshirts!

Visit Bellaria this Valentine's Day to find that perfect gift for yourself or someone who loves activewear! 

Also offering various jewelry and accessories for daily wear and swimwear, Bellaria will surely have something special to find this Valentine's Day!

Want it? Get it! 

Vist Bellaria Online to find your perfect legging/ bra set! 

Don't forget to check out the swimwear and accessories while on the site! 

Follow Bellaria on Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest styles and colors! 

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