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How to Get Your Confidence Back Post-Pregnancy


Pregnancy brings about massive changes for anyone’s body. You will find that your body doesn’t just automatically go back to the way it was before you became pregnant, and looking after a new baby will leave you with little time for yourself. The self-care and beauty routines you were used to often become a thing of the past, at least for a little while, and all these factors combined with the hormones that come from a recent pregnancy and new baby may leave you with less self-confidence than you’re used to. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your self-confidence and become the best mom and person you can be. Here are some tips on how to get your confidence back post-pregnancy.

Losing Pregnancy Weight - The Healthy Way

When surveyed, most new moms pointed to those last few pounds of pregnancy weight as the largest factor in their loss in self-confidence. It’s perfectly possible to lose most or all of your pregnancy weight, but it’s also important to go about it in a healthy way. Drastic or intense diets will only sap your energy, which is something you need in order to take care of your new baby to the best of your ability. There are a few ways that you can work to lose pregnancy weight in a healthy way. Breastfeeding if that’s at all possible is a great way to naturally burn calories and can be better for your baby’s immune system at the same time. Avoiding junk food is also a must. A healthy, balanced diet will be best for your baby if you’re breastfeeding and will leave you with more energy even if you’re not.

Take Care of Your Hair and Skin

Between feedings, diaper changes, and doing anything else you need to in your life, you might find your previous hair and skin routines falling by the wayside. Taking care of your hair and skin will make you feel more confident about your appearance and help to maintain them for years to come. There are multiple ways to simplify your routine and ensure that you can be a good mom and still take care of yourself. Washing your hair in the evening will make your morning routine easier, allowing you to skip that step and go straight to styling it the next day. Multitasking and simplifying your skincare routines - such as with two-in-one moisturizers and serums - will leave you with more time and money in the morning.

Find Exercise that Works for You

Exercising takes time that you probably don’t feel like you have any more, but exercise releases endorphins that stabilize your mood and can help get you back in shape after pregnancy. With a little creativity, however, you will be able to find an exercise routine that works for you. Adding stretching to your morning routine will keep you limber and reduce any muscle pain or strain from the massive changes your body is going through. See if you can find a local buggy-exercise class, or if you can’t find one make a commitment to going on a walk with a stroller several times a week. Most importantly, remember to do your pelvic floor exercises to help mend your pelvic muscles post-birth and reduce incontinence.

Reboot Your Style

Style post-baby should focus on being practical, yet stylish. Invest in quality underwear to ensure that your vaginal area is as comfortable as possible post-birth. Remember to check your new bra size with a professional, since this has probably changed. Find ways to incorporate new pieces that flatter your body shape, even if it isn’t exactly where you were before your pregnancy.

There’s No Shame in Surgery

Post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery is an increasingly popular option, and there’s no shame in choosing to make yourself that little bit more confident. Tummy tucks, boob lifts, and other minor cosmetic surgeries may increase your confidence if these other tips aren’t working. In the words of Dr. Michael Zenn of ZennPlasticSurgery.com, cosmetic surgery “does not seek to change your appearance, but to refine and rejuvenate.” For some people, cosmetic surgery is a valid and confidence-boosting option in their post-pregnancy toolkit.

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