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How To Create A Salty And Sweet Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie boards are ever popular at small gatherings—or even for special nights as a couple at home. While the most common type of charcuterie is typically created with meat and cheese, today’s trending snack boards can also feature all kinds of sweet and salty edibles. Almost anything’s fair game, from dried fruit and nuts to crackers, cookies, and pretzels. You can truly customize your spread to your tastes, feasting on all the foods you favor. 

Whether you’re interested in making a fun snack board for your kids or arranging a grown-up spread for after they’re all tucked in for the night, here’s a look at everything you need to know to create a delicious, mouth-watering, unforgettable salty/sweet charcuterie board.

Step One: Find a Large Board or Tray

A big part of what makes charcuterie boards so appealing is presentation. You want to create a large, eye-catching array of foods that invite everyone to freely enjoy. That’s where your board comes into play. You can use any kind of big tray or platter: a rimmed baking sheet, a cutting board, a serving tray, or anything similar. Look for something with enough space to hold plenty of different components. If you don’t have a spacious tray, you could alternatively arrange a variety of bowls and plates together to mimic the effect.

Step Two: Gather Salty Snacks

There are all kinds of salty snacks that can work on a charcuterie board: popcorn, nuts, crackers, trail mix, olives, pretzels, potato chips, hummus, feta cheese, and salami, for example. Pick the options you like best.

Step Three: Gather Sweet Snacks

Sweet options include candy, cookies, baked cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, sliced caramel apples, kettle corn, fresh or dried fruit, and chocolate. You’re not limited to only one or two of each type of sweet snack, either. Use a couple store-bought cookie options, along with a homemade variety if you like. Feel free to get creative, and try to gather ingredients that will complement your salty options. 

Step Four: Arrange and Enjoy 
Finally, you get to assemble the board. There is no right way to organize the snacks, so this is your chance to experiment and have fun. Play with the way you set up your board by trying different layouts and seeing what appeals to you most. You can set everything on your tray or board directly, or you can intersperse little bowls or dishes of items throughout—it’s all up to you. 

Two More Tips for Creating a Wow-Worthy Spread

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a snack board for your kids’ after-school snack or a romantic date night at home: you can make the most of your board by keeping the following tips in mind.

  1. Remember your audience. The snacks that elementary kids like best may not be the same as the ones your adult friends would pick. Think about the audience for whom you’re making your board, and incorporate foods you know they’ll love.

  2. Vary your themes. One great way to guide your arrangement is with a theme. For Greek night, you could focus on feta, olives, bell peppers and other Mediterranean foods, for example. For a dessert board, you could add salty pretzels, nuts, and pita chips to a spread of chocolate, marshmallows, berries, and whipped cream. Get inspired by thinking about the season, holiday, or occasion.     

The classic combination of salty and sweet flavors is one that will always have mass appeal. So when you want to enhance the tastes of your snack board, take advantage of these perfect pairings. From caramels and salted popcorn to watermelon and feta, you can’t go wrong.

Author bio: Samantha Kowalczyk is Director of Product Development and Key Accounts for Mrs Prindables. She leads a team responsible for the creation of new product concepts, such as Caramel Apple flavors, gifts, and confections. Kowalczyk joined Mrs Prindables in 2013 after completing her education in marketing. Her dedication to Mrs Prindables enabled her to progress to her current role.


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