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How to continue looking stylish in 2021


2020 was nothing less of a rollercoaster ride. From global business to fashion, everything went to a halt. However, it didn’t stop people from shopping online from places like Hush Style and coming up with new fashion trends. Even though you weren’t practically allowed to flaunt your style out in the world, there is still a chance for you to do it in 2021 (hopefully!). 

Let’s have a look at how you can keep up your style bar high in the coming year. 

Black face masks

If anything this current year has taught us, it is to be careful and covered. But if covering your face is the only option, then you might want to do it in style. Face masks have become an essential requirement in these testing times, and choosing the one that goes well with your outfit speaks for your style while protecting you. 

Black face masks have been a trendy option this year that go well with almost every outfit. They amp up your overall attire while defending you. You can add a little bling to it by opting for a shiny, silky fabric. 


Nothing trendier than adding a little colour to your hair, and that too with a piece of fabric. Inspired by the classic 50s, this splendidly beautiful fashion trend is making its way in the styling world. From a silky pattern to floral designs, you can choose anything you need to add that little oomph factor to your attire. Whether around your neck or in the shape of a headband, you can tie it in any way you like. 

Pastel tones

If anything has dominated this entire year, it was the pastel tones. From jackets to dresses to even socks, choosing a pastel wardrobe item lets you style in a sophisticated yet trendy way. The buttery and soft hues can be used as solid colours to make breathable space for accent colours and textures. This trend is not fading in the shadows anytime soon, so you might want to buy a couple of pastel pieces for your wardrobe.

Yellow bags 

Yellow is considered the colour of happiness and laughter. This was highlighted in the 2020 world of bags. From crossbody bags to clutches, everything was more appealing in mustard or dandelion yellow. Moreover, these pieces can be used as a statement, in addition to your overall look, while serving the purpose. Whether you’re seeking a slender day-time look or a bold night-time attire, yellow has a vast range of shades, so you can choose whatever suits your taste.

White boots 

Let’s bring back the 60s in a classic manner. The white knee-high boots have a special way to enhance elegance and style. They go perfectly well with any outfit and are the ideal trend to be carried forward to the coming years. You can wear them with a patterned skirt and colourful leggings. You can effortlessly style them in a gazillion of ways and stand apart! 

Ready to step into the next year with some bang? Follow the trends above and keep your style game strong!

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