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Five Fun Things to Do in Melbourne as a Family in 2021

Melbourne in Australia is one of the interesting cities around the world to visit in 2021. The city is frequently regarded as Australia's cultural capital, from its hearty art scene to its cool structural design. Its world-class museums, beaches, hide beautiful cafes, and street arts are the most attractive sites to visit. The city and the family that need fun things match well, and it is the most favorite spot to visit in the world. The city consists of live music, art exhibitions, and plenty of cultural activities which cannot bore a visiting family even if they spend a whole week there. To help a family to plan a trip, this article will share the most interesting things to do and see in Melbourne so that they can make the most out of their visit.

Take a street art tour

The family trip should commence with a street art tour. Melbourne street tours are loving and fantastic sites to see. The trip helps to acquire knowledge about the art scene and develop an appreciation for why the city attracts many tourists worldwide. The city’s street also contains expert local guides that usually answer any questions you have to learn more about the city.

Hit the beach

The family can as well head to the beach down at St. Kilda to watch the stunning sunset, tan, lounge, and swim. Though the water is a little cold, the place is wide and beautiful to enjoy. The beach facing west allows one to get several stellar sunsets that are beautiful to watch.

Visit the Melbourne Museum

The museum showcases the social history, the environment, science, and indigenous culture of Australia. The most amazing thing is that they also have a kids' section that is favorable for the families visiting with children. The fun thing to watch is the massive Bunjilaka Aboriginal, which shows the aboriginal's history, art, and culture.

Visit the Phillip Island

It is an island known as a weekend hotspot for people to enjoy some beach time. The island becomes more beautiful when watching thousands of penguins parade going back to their nests from the sea in the evening, a huge seal colony that lives offshore, and its koala sanctuary. A visiting family needs to spend a night there as there are many activities to enjoy, do, and see in the course of the night as compared to daytime.

Blue Diamonds Stakes

The blue diamond stakes is a horse racing event in the city. It is a great and fun place to visit with the family while in the city and be ready to have a fabulous day at the races. The place is joyful and fun, especially when taking photos as the horses make runs and persons with similar dressing codes.


Being one of the funkiest and interesting cities to visit globally, it is recommended to families that need to have fun in 2021. Be guaranteed that by visiting Melbourne even thrice a month, they won't regret or get bored.

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