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Five Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Partner at Home


Being stuck at home with just your partner for company can be a great strain on your relationship.


With a complete lack of absence from one another, the heart has no chance to grow fonder. As a result, many people have been breaking up as a result of the emotional strain of lockdown.


To keep the spark alive with your partner, here are five fun home-based activities that you can engage in together. You might be surprised at what new sides of your partner you might discover. As Plato once said: "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation." Read on for five relationship-saving tips.




Not only does exercise keep you both fit, but it allows both sides of the relationship to focus on a common goal and feel happy and healthy, possibly increasing your sense of intimacy together. Simple routines such as joint press-ups, sit-ups, back extensions and hook squats allow you to work together as a team, meaning watching Netflix afterwards will feel that much more well-earned. For exercises involving equipment, head on over to www.prepakproducts.com for a great selection.


Board Games


A great way to pass the time and to feel a sense of joint competition is to engage in a board game together. Not only will it activate the more strategic parts of the brain, it will allow for healthy companionship when battling against each other. For extra fun, find online games that you can play with friends and family over video chat, allowing you to keep in touch with loved ones in a new and exciting way.




Cooking as a team has many mental health benefits and will help you to bond over a shared love of food. The great part of cooking together is that you will have something wonderful to eat at the end of it. Learn about each other's respective background and secret family recipes by joining together in pursuit of a common culinary goal.


Double Date Online


If you have another couple that you remain on close terms with, why not schedule a combined double date night? Aim to have drinks or a meal together, perhaps even co-ordinating the same food or drinks that you can bond over. The simple act of conversation as a joint group will be sure to unveil a new and interesting side to your partner that you might not have seen before.


Rearrange the Furniture


Take this time as an opportunity to move your possessions around and spruce up your home. It's amazing what putting a bed or a desk in a new area can do, almost completely transforming the look of an apartment or house and helping you both to see the place you are stuck in a completely different light. Just be sure to agree on how you want it to look before you start moving everything, as you might end up in an unwanted argument!

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