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Embrace Life With AKK Shoes #Review #MBPVDAY21


Thank you to AKK Shoes for sending me two pairs of shoes in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

How many steps do you take in a day? If your days are like mine, then you are probably stuck behind a computer most of the time, with limited movement. If that's the case, then you, like me, have to be very intentional about getting in the proper amount of steps, movement, and exercise, right? But our poor feet need adequate footwear to help us get moving. 

Great-fitting shoes with good support and cushioning are needed to keep our feet and bodies happy and full of love this Valentine's Day. Also, if you are like me, you probably avoid buying new shoes until your current pair is falling apart and the damage on your feet has already been done. 

Avoid those stressed-feet blues by buying yourself a pair of AKK Shoes

AKK Shoes provides men and women with lightweight comfortable affordable shoes. Often times, our sneakers and walking shoes are bulky and heavy, but these sets are amazingly light! 

Great for all day wear, these shoes will make you forget you are wearing sneakers and will not break your budget either!

AKK sent me the Women's Lightweight Athletic Walking Sneaker and Large Sized Flexible Slip On Walking Shoe to try out. 

These walking sneakers are incredibly light-weight and cushiony. As it's been super cold and rainy for my area of NC and I do not have a gym membership, my exercise/ work-outs have been restricted to indoors using an on-demand system. This typically means a lot of jumping jacks, running in place, and other indoor cardio work that absolutely kills my feet due to the hard floors.

Lightweight Athletic Sneaker in Grey/Pink

The first thing I noticed when putting on these shoes is how comfortable they were! I could feel a layer of cushioning while wearing these during work-outs. My old sneakers are dated and lacked the proper support needed, so I could definitely feel the difference! These sneakers are easy to lace-up, provide a loop at the heel to help with wearing/ removal, and are made of breathable mesh material. 

I would  definitely recommend these shoes if you are into cardio work and walking! I am not a runner so these are the perfect shoes needed for my activity level! These shoes come in a variety of colors ranging from Women's Size 6- 9.5. 

Regardless of gym, home, or outside work-outs, these shoes will definitely fit your needs. If you are a runner- check out the other shoes that AKK offers as they might provide more grip and conformity to the foot. 

AKK Large Size Flexible Women's Slip-On Walking Shoe in Pink

The Large Flexible Slip-On Walking Shoe is amazingly comfortable as well! Sometimes, in cooler weather, we need closed-toed shoes but don't want to wear laced sneakers or boots. 

These walking shoes are the perfect fit! Now, they probably won't keep your tootsies warm in sub-zero temps, but the upper 40's, 50s, 60s definitely would suffice. Made up of mesh material, these shoes will allow your feet to breathe and not trap in moisture. 

I would not recommend wearing these shoes with exercises that they may slip off, like mountain climbers.. so stick to the more "flat-footed" cardio adventures like walking, jumping jacks, perhaps even dancing. 

Neither of these shoes are water-proof but the mesh does mean that moisture won't get trapped and will offer a quick drying process. Both do provide non-slip hard soles. I'd recommend grabbing some shoe protector to help keep them fresh and clean, but the mesh does make them easily washable and dryable!

This Valentine's Day, give your feet some love with a new pair of AKK Shoes. Various Running, Walking, Slip-Ons, and Slipper Shoes are available for both men and women. Grab yourself a pair and give your feet some love- or your body by starting a new routine! 

Need a gift? Surprise your loved ones with a new pair so that you can do the things you love together, like setting out on new adventures in your neighborhood or instilling new routines in your weekly lifestyle! 

With great designs, colors, and pricing; these shoes will be your favorite practical Valentine's Gift this year! 

Want it? Get it! 

Check out all the shoes that AKK offers over on their website

Shoppers can also find their favorite AKK products on Amazon

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