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Declutter and Organize Your Home

 We are the generation that holds onto physical things because we feel an attachment to them.  It starts out small and then you have so many things you have no place to put them.  You don't want to toss them, but you can't keep everything.  What do you do?

I have all of E's drawings and important papers from over the years in scrapbooks and photo albums.  The ones too large have been digitally saved and stored on flash drives.  This way I still have them but they aren't taking up boxes upon boxes and causing clutter. 

Cleaning out your closet?

If you forgot you had or or haven't warn it in 6 months, donate it.  Someone else can get use out of clothes just adorning your closet. 

Cleaning the toy box?

Have your children pick the toys they want to donate.  Explain that some children are in need of gently used toys because they don't have any. You would be surprised at how giving your children can be. 

Remember that your giving heart will thank you for decluttering your space.

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