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Buying your First Car

E is preparing to buy his first car since he got his license when he was home on leave for the holidays. My inner voice is screaming advice and any vocalizations I am making E does not want to hear.  How did I make such a smart kid that acts completely clueless sometimes? 

I always expected that we would go car shopping together for his first car, but life changes plans so often.  He is down South while I am up North and covid restrictions make this really hard to coordinate.  He called tonight to explain how excited he was that he talked someone down to $6000 for a car that is 15 years old.  I was not excited and my lack of enthusiasm made him frustrated with me.  To be fair E knows very little about cars and without an adult (yes I know technically he is one) I fear his ignorance will get him stuck with a dangerous hunk of junk. Oy! The perks of being your kid's "enemy".

I can't get past the need to always protect him and my husband said he needs to fall on his so he will learn how to overcome.  I know this is true, but I can't help but want to protect him.  How can something be right for him yet hurt him? How do you release control? 

This was my mommy struggle this week. What was yours?

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