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Thanks to Madison Braids for providing me with product to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Looking for a fun, easy, and affordable way to change up the look of your hair without taking a trip to the salon? You're going to love what Beanie and I have to show you today! When the world shut down last March, I was already in pretty desperate need of a haircut. It was October before I got up enough nerve to go to a salon to get my locks trimmed, and while I appreciated having a fresh cut, I was seriously lacking in styling creativity.

Everywhere I go, I see girls with beautiful braids- wrapped around their heads like a braided headband, or holding their messy bun in place. They look so darn cute, and I am always a bit envious because my hair is so thin, I just don't have enough of it to pull off styles like these.

I happened to run across Madison Braids on Instagram, and fell in love with the gorgeous hairstyles I saw featured in their feed. I found myself asking- 'How can I get my hair to look like that!?' The short answer? Anyone can get their hair to look like that! With Madison Braids' sleek, trendy braided headbands, anyone can get the braided do they crave!

About Madison Braids

Madison Braids has been raved about by Influencers, news outlets, blogs, and moms everywhere! 

* Their braids are the quickest and easiest way to add extra oomph to your daily do! 

* All of their products are tested by trusted hairstylists for the absolute most natural look possible. 

* Free color matching consultations help you choose the shade that matches your hair color.

* Madison Braids is the top-rated synthetic hair braid company in the U.S.

We couldn't wait to see what our braids looked like!

Beanie and I each received a braided headband from Madison Braids. She received a blonde fishtail braid, and I received a light copper brown traditional braided style. There are so many gorgeous styles of braids and twists for women, and for kids, too! That's right! My mini always wants what mommy has, so it was beyond fun for us to each have our own braid to play with!

Here are the two braids Beanie and I were sent. I love how they look like our own hair!

The color matching is amazing! Before making a final selection, I was able to upload photos of mine and Beanie's hair to the team at Madison Braids for a perfect color match. While I am starting to show gray and silver hair at my roots (and I don't color my hair), the braid perfectly matches the copper-colored color of my natural (pre-gray) hair. Beanie's color is also perfectly matched!

The soft, adjustable band makes it easy to get the braided band just right in terms of fit. Simply slide it over your hair, and then style as you like. Since my hair is so thin, I do use a couple of bobby pins at the base to help hold it in place. An actual Madison Braid headband would also be a great alternative to gals with thin, slippery hair like mine.

Beanie loves her Madison Braid and asks to wear it often!

Beanie Boo fell head over heels for her Madison Braid on day one! She was so excited about it that she asked me to style her hair with it immediately. We worked it into her hair, and I was so blown away by how natural it looked. You can't tell it isn't her real hair- that's how amazing these braids are!

My braid is more of a classic style, which I love! 

My braid is a bit thinner, which I actually like because it mimics my actual hair. Since everyone knows I don't have a ton of hair in terms of thickness, it wouldn't make sense for me to have an incredibly thick braid. The bands are easy to wear and stay in place all day, for a look I absolutely love! With busy mornings and lazy weekends, these braids are the perfect way to elevate your look without really having to try. Forget hours of spending time fiddling with hair to get a look like this. Just slip on your Madison Braids headband and go, go, go!

Want it? Get it!

Ready to try Madison Braids and rock your own braided look? Head to Madison Braids to find the right braid (or a few) for you! There are women's and kids' styles to choose from, and you can double up on sets and save!

Use MBP code ONDRIA15 to save 15% off your order!

Be sure to follow Madison Braids' social accounts to see even more beautiful hairstyles and to check out testimonials from other satisfied customers!

Madison Braids has a braid for everyone! Which one will you choose?

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