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40 Before 40- My Wishes for 2021

40? How can I be turning 40?  2020 stole the last year of my 30's but I'm not allowing 2021 to do the same.  I am too serious for someone my age and if I could only explain how often I see my inner "Karen" coming out you would all understand why a change would be good for me this year.  I have 8 months until I'm 40 and I want to feel like I have lived.

Everyone sets goals early in life, but I didn't.  Life threw me a curveball when I found out I was pregnant and from that time forward everything I wanted had to wait until after E didn't depend on me so much.  I signed up for being his mom and I wanted to be the best one I could be.  There is no doubt in my mind that I made mistakes along the way, but E has been the best blessing to my life.  He must be an old soul because he always knows what advice to give and what sweet words need to be said to boost someone up.  I was successful in being a parent because I raised someone that will be a great member of society.   

In September I am turning 40 and with all, I have ever wanted in life I am creating a bucket list of all the things I want to do before 40.  Some are small things I can do or change about myself and others are larger things that take me out of my comfort zone.  My list is not yet complete but I hope to share my triumphs and failures as I navigate my 40 before 40.  

Anyone have any tips? What do you want to accomplish before 40? What have you already accomplished off your bucket list?

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