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When Keeping Your Fridge Locked Becomes A Necessity


As parents, it's hard to know if what you're doing is right or if you are making the right decision for your family. It's tough, there's no manual or rule book to follow, and a lot of parenting is by trial and error. However, when it comes to the safety of our children, we want to get it right the first time. We make sure to baby proof our homes, to lock cabinets, keep chemicals and cleaners high out of reach, but what about the refrigerator? Have you ever stopped to think about what all we keep in our fridge that could possibly harm or injure our kiddos? With so many things that need to be kept cold, dangers in the fridge might be the last thing on your mind, but it shouldn't. So how can we keep our fridges safe for our children? Well, how about an UrbanAugust Fridge Lock? 

So what do we keep in the fridge that could be so harmful to our kids? How about medications that need to be kept refrigerated? Pills or liquid medications can look and sometimes smell like candy or fun treats. Bright colored pills that look like sprinkles can be enticing to young kids, but they're not the only ones who we need to worry about. Our older kids might feel the pressure to get into medications and abuse them or sell them to friends at school. Keeping medications secure is something that should be thought through, and a fridge lock can help achieve this. If you happen to keep alcohol in your refrigerator, keeping your fridge locked can help keep little hands and underage drinkers out of it. Little kids are curious and inquisitive, if they're unsure of what something is, they usually put it in their mouths. With a fridge lock, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your kiddos won't be able to get into anything harmful. 

There are other reasons besides medication and alcohol that would make you want to lock your fridge like, a disabled child. Now, I would never condone with-holding food from children, I do understand that some children and adults have disabilities that impair their understanding of feeling full. This can cause extreme overeating to the point of causing bodily harm and illness. The need to keep our loved ones safe in these situations is imperative and one of these reasons that having a fridge lock can help. 

If your child happens to have a specific food allergy, keeping the fridge locked until they are old enough to understand is a great way to teach them food safety. The thought of a toddler eating a strawberry, not knowing what it is, and going into anaphylactic shock is not an image that any parent dreams of. This is why teaching our children about food safety is so important, but until that can happen, a lock is a great solution for this. 

If you are considering getting a lock, please make sure that it is used responsibly. Locks for these situations can greatly benefit families and help improve lives. Our children's safety should be at the forefront of our minds on a daily basis and UrbanAugust is here to help us keep it that way. 

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