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What You Should Know Before Getting a Puppy


The excitement of getting a new puppy can overshadow the responsibilities that come along with it. The truth is, owning a puppy isn’t a walk in the park – there are many factors to consider before bringing your new fluffy friend home! If you’re considering getting a puppy, here is what you should know first. 

The Expenses 

Dogs are a long-term investment, and the initial payment is only a small fraction of the price you will pay overall. You’ll be paying for vet bills, dog food, and toys regularly for upwards of ten years, so make sure you have taken that into account. It helps to find an affordable vet clinic like veterinarian Midlothian VA for your dogs’ vaccines, microchips, and any check-ups it will need in the future. Also, there might be the need of stocking raw dog food for longer uses to avoid repeated visits to the pet food shops. This will help you if you have a busy work routine.

You’ll Pick Up a Lot of Poop!

Dogs poop – a lot – and sometimes their poops are big! If you’re somebody who is easily grossed out, then consider this before getting your new puppy. Leaving dog poop on the ground simply isn’t an option, so you must be OK with picking it up three times a day for the duration of your dogs’ life. 

The Amount of Exercise 

Most dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. If you are already an active person, then that’s great, but if you’re more of a couch potato, consider getting a dog that doesn’t require as much exercise. A Shi-Tzu is a great dog breed that doesn’t need to run around like some other types.  

One mistake many new dog owners make is assuming their dog will make them more active. It is not the job of a pet to change the owner, so don’t assume that you’ll magically find the energy to walk your dog if you’re not already active. Make sure you are one-hundred percent willing to take your dog out as often as it needs it! 

Training Can be Hard 

You might dream of a dog who follows your every command and never leaves your side, but this takes a lot of work. Even teaching a dog to sit can take a lot of training time, depending on the breed. If you plan on training your new puppy, then keep in mind it won’t necessarily be a quick process, and you’ll need plenty of patience to be successful. 

The Attention They Need

Dogs are needy pets, and they require lots of your attention. If you’re out at work for many hours of the day with no one else at home, then consider getting a different pet, as your dog will end up sad and lonely. 

You’ll need to play, walk, and groom your dog regularly. They are not a low maintenance pet, and you cannot take a day off when it comes to owning a dog. 

They Give as Much as They Get 

Dogs are one of the most loving pets you can own. They’re loyal, friendly, and will give you all the love they have, but that means you giving all you have, too. By giving your dog a fabulous owner, they’ll return your efforts by being the best friend a human could ask for.

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  1. These are great tips for anyone wanting a puppy. It can be a big responsibility and expense so it's good to know what to expect before taking that leap


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