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What to Pack When Flying on a Private Jet

Packing for a private jet is like packing for a large commercial airliner in that your luggage will still need to be checked. The difference is that the whole process will be quicker because there will be less of you on the aircraft to have it checked. You will also, due to private jets creating privacy, be able to wear something that you feel comfortable in rather than what others expect you to be wearing. So, after checking in with an online private jet company such as Jettly to make your initial enquiry, let us consider what you might need to think about in terms of your luggage for when you confirm the trip.

How Much Luggage?

The amount of luggage to take will be dependent upon the number of passengers and how long the trip is to last. The larger jets are specifically designed for the longer-range trips and therefore to carry extra baggage. Special cargo planes can be hired specifically for the transportation of larger items.

As a guide each item of luggage will be expected to weigh a standard 23 kg or 50 lbs. A mid-size jet carrying 8 passengers will generally carry 8 passengers with 8 items of luggage, whereas a large jet would carry 12 passengers and 20 items of luggage. This accounts for a longer say.

As far as packing cigarettes, cigars, or pipes for your recreation, it may be possible to hire a private jet that allows smoking. It is determined on a case-by-case basis and an aircraft which allows smoking being arranged. This will also depend on what your other passengers agree to.

On shorter flights, the same aircraft will wait and fly back with you in the same day, so you will not need an overnight bag, just what is required for perhaps a specific meeting.

You might find this article on types of suitcases useful.


On a private jet that you are chartering, there is no specific dress code, but you will be expected to dress respectably. Anything you need for the beach of your exotic holiday should be inside your suitcase. It will be wise to pack something warmer if your exotic climate is prone to extreme temperature changes, as many tropical islands are.

According to research, the best way of attracting an upgrade is to wear a jacket but this will not be required as you are already on the equivalent of an upgrade in terms of luxury. That is, you are being provided with the kind of luxury that private jet flying provides as standard. You might, however, want to make sure that not all your own comforts have been left inside your suitcase or that you are ready for action as soon as you depart the plane. That may not be in much time before your engagement, if you are perhaps flying straight to a business meeting that has been precisely timed, which is only possible with private jet flight.


As with conventional air travel, your bags will still need to go through security, and then the pilot or flight crew check the ID of at least the lead passenger. ID such as a valid and up-to-date driving licence will be sufficient to show. The whole process is still quicker than on a scheduled commercial flight and you will literally be on your way minutes after arriving at the airport.

In terms of passports, one will not be required if you are only flying to a domestic location. Stepping on a private jet is literally like stepping onto a train, except then you might be asked more than once to show your ticket.

So, there is really nothing to worry about in terms of what is required of you or what to pack for a private jet flight. In case, you are in LA, and if you are carrying any extra bags, you can always avail Vertoe’s short-term storage space service which is widely available near all major landmarks, airports like luggage storage lax, train stations, etc.

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