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What Are The Best Silicone Pipes To Buy

 Welcome to the most comprehensive list of silicone pipes you will find on the internet! Below, you will find anything from silicone spoon pipes, gandalf pipes, silicone pipes will unique designs, and more! Since new silicone pipes are made every day, this list will continue to grow, so be sure to check back regularly. Have a silicone pipe that is not on this list? Let us know! We want this list to have as much current information as possible!

Silicone pipes are relatively new to the smoking scene, but they have absolutely exploded in popularity in the past few years. It makes sense, too, since silicone offers a lot of great benefits that draw many users away from traditional glass pipes. For example, silicone is essentially indestructible, unlike glass. Most silicone pipes are made in multiple pieces, making cleaning much easier than a single-piece glass pipe. They also are easy to find in a variety of bright, psychedelic colors, and silicone pipes are generally far less expensive than their glass counterparts.

Now for the list! And remember, any pipe listed here is available in this store!

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1. Silicone Gandalf Pipe

Gandalf pipes have such a unique, cool style! Their deep bowls and long stems help craft long, relaxing smoking sessions with smooth, cool hits. However, glass gandalf pipes are known for being particularly fragile, hard to clean, and extremely expensive. This is where this silicone gandalf pipe shines! The silicone body is durable, easy to clean, and is at a very comfortable price point. The metal bowl can be removed to make sure your airway stays nice and clear, and it still has features that help with airflow control, like a carb hole. If you have been interested in trying a gandalf pipe, but the negatives of glass have made you wary of making an investment, then you should give this silicone gandalf pipe a try!

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2. Silicone Swan Bubbler Pipe

Bubblers are a great choice of a smoking pipe. They use water filtration to provide smooth, cool hits but are still designed to be used with one hand, making for easy handling. This silicone swan bubbler pipe only adds to the classic benefits of a bubbler. Its silicone body is not only extremely durable, but it is also in several pieces, allowing the bubbler to be taken apart to make cleaning stubborn residue much easier. This bubbler can also support multiple attachments, including full-sized bong bowls and dab nails. Finally, like most of the silicone pipes on this list, it is available in a lot of cool, different colors to make it easy to spice up your style. If you have been looking for a user-friendly bubbler pipe, then this silicone skull bubbler pipe is just what you have been looking for!

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3. Silicone Skull Bubbler Pipe

Wanting a pipe that has a style that is a bit spooky? Then perhaps this silicone skull bubbler pipe should pop up on your radar. It has all the benefits of a traditional glass bubbler pipe, including using water filtration to give optimal tasting hits and being designed to be easily used in a single hand. However, its silicone body offers additional benefits, too! Even though it has a narrow stem, the silicone material makes the entire body of the pipe basically indestructible. The stem and the top of the skull detach, so cleaning is a breeze. This is one of the most unique silicone bubblers in our store. With a unique, skull style, an uncharacteristically long and slender stem, and all the benefits brought by silicone make for one of the best smoking experiences a silicone pipe can bring!

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4. Silicone Skull Pipe with Glass Bowl

Do you love the skull style on your pipe, but maybe are not interested in a bubbler style? Then consider this silicone skull pipe with a glass bowl! It follows the traditional style of a spoon pipe, including a large bowl and short stem for easy handling. The part of the bowl that comes into contact with your dry herb is glass (which can be removed), so you still get the crisp flavor that glass is well-known for producing. The removable bowl makes cleaning the pipe much simpler, and its durable silicone body is a great choice for anyone who is a bit clumsy. This silicone pipe is also available in a wide array of colors, all of which prominently feature the skull design! So, if you are looking for something spooky and following in the style of a spoon pipe, then this silicone skull pipe should be at the top of your list!

5. Glass Silicone Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes are known for their exceptionally deep bowls and, at times, long, twisting stems. While glass sherlock pipes can run a pretty penny, this silicone and glass hybrid is going to check a lot of boxes for you! It still sports a very large bowl, which is ideal for long, relaxing smoking sessions. The stem is more of a traditional spoon style, which is ideal for easy handling. The best part of this pipe, however, is the glass hybrid design. The outside of the pipe is entirely silicone, giving you the durability that fans of silicone pipes have grown accustomed to. However, the bowl and the stem are glass inserts. This means that your dry herb and smoke will only ever touch glass, giving you crisp, delicious hits each and every time! Silicone and glass hybrid pipes are the best options to get both the durability of silicone and the pure taste that glass provides, so be sure to give this pipe a closer look!

6. Silicone Sherlock Pipe

This silicone sherlock pipe is another fantastic option that holds a bit more true to the classic sherlock pipe design. It features the deep bowl that you would expect from a sherlock pipe, but unlike the previous sherlock pipe on this list, the stem is more curved in the true sherlock design. The stem curvature provides a longer path for your smoke, giving it time to cool and giving you easier to inhale hits. Though there is no glass in the curved stem, the bowl is still made from glass and is removable, aiding in both the quality of smoke flavor as well as making sure cleaning is as easy as possible. This sherlock pipe is available in several colors (as is common for silicone pipes), so it will be easy to find the style that fits your style perfectly!

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7. Silicone Spoon Pipe

This silicone spoon pipe is straightforward, simple, and perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Its medium-sized bowl and be lightly packed for a quick smoking session, or heavily packed for a longer, more relaxing experience. The metal bowl can also be removed, which makes keeping the pipe and the airway clean a very easy process. Unlike typical spoon pipes, this specific pipe has a bowl cap, which means you can pre-pack your bowl for later packing. If you have wanted a spoon pipe that is easier to travel with than a traditional glass spoon pipe, the unique bowl cap of this pipe is exactly what you have been looking for. Because it has a straightforward design, it is available in one of the largest varieties of colors and designs of any of our silicone pipes. This is the perfect pipe for color choice and ease of use!

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8. Hammer Bubbler Silicone Pipe

For as small as this pipe is, it provides an excellent flavor experience. It has a very deep reservoir for water, and the more water smoke has to travel through, the more the smoke is cooled and filtered. The pipe features a carb hole for airflow control, and the pipe overall offers easy airflow for a premium smoking experience. The stem is much longer than a standard bubbler, which not only gives the smoke a longer path to follow before reaching your mouth, giving it time to cool but it also more easily keeps your face away from the hot bowl. The quality that this silicone pipe provides is top-notch, and you will have to look into a full-blown bong or similar water pipe to improve upon the experience. One of the best bubblers in the store, and it is waiting to go home with you!

9. Spiderman Silicone Pipe

Look! It is your friendly, neighborhood spider pipe! This Marvel-inspired spoon-styled pipe is sure to turn heads while you smoke! However, this pipe is much more than web-slinging antics. It is made with a removable glass bowl, giving you an easy cleaning experience that you expect from silicone pipes, as well as a superior flavor experience. The pipe is small, making it a perfect travel buddy for when a larger, full-sized pipe might prove burdensome. It comes in two color styles (solid red and a red/white/black mishmash), which only enhances its already unique design. Pipes like this are collectible and tend to sell quickly, so if it is available, be sure to grab it!

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10. Silicone Eye Pipe

This eye-popping (heh) pipe is another addition to the spooky styles you can find in silicone pipes (have you seen our silicone skull bubbler or pumpkin dab rig yet?) Fashioned in a traditional spoon-pipe style, its medium bowl and standard stem make for an easy, welcoming experience that will be appreciated by both beginners and veterans. The eye on this pipe is on the forward-facing side of the bowl, which means anyone watching you will have a big ole eye watching them! The design of this pipe (which is available in two different color schemes), is one of the coolest we have in the store. If a loud, noticeable design is what you are after, you will not find a better option than this pipe!

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11. Silicone Steamroller Pipe

Steamrollers get their name because hits created by them usually “steamroll” over the smoker. They are direct, strong, and hot! This steamroller pipe offers the exact same experience as other steamroller pipes, of course, while also offering the distinct advantages of silicone! Steamrollers have a large, hollow body, which generally makes them fragile when made out of glass. However, since this pipe is silicone, you get to enjoy the impactful experience of a steamroller pipe without worrying about whether or not you may break it! The glass bowl can be removed from the body of the pipe, and the durable silicone body makes for easy cleaning. Smoking from a steamroller pipe is a cool experience, and what better way to do it than from a durable, inexpensive pipe piece!

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12. Silicone Pokemon Pipe

Pokemon pipe, we choose you! This spoon pipe is perfect for those looking to sport their affinity for the Pokemon style! The bowl is designed like a classic Pokeball and has a removable glass screen on the inside. The glass screen helps prevent larger particles of dry herb from making its way into the stem, mouthpiece, or inside you! Since its removable, it makes cleaning the pipe an easy, simple process (which is a common feature of silicone pipes in general!) This Pokemon pipe is available in two color schemes; solid red and a red, white, and blue design. As with the silicone Spiderman pipe, this Pokemon pipe is also collectible and sells quickly. Be sure to add it to your cart if you are looking to show off your Pokemon fandom, or if you are looking to grow your pipe collection!

13. Silicone Football Keychain Pipe

This keychain pipe is one of the most discreet silicone pipes we have in our store. At first glance, it looks like a simple keychain decoration for football fans. However, the football top slides back, revealing a small bowl for dry herb smoking! The bowl is small but still offers a great, straightforward smoking experience. The design of the pipe allows the bowl to be pre-packed, so when the time is right, all you need to do is slide the pipe open and apply an open flame! You can find this pipe in several distinct colors, so it should not be too hard to find a color that fits your personality the best. If you are need of something discreet (or perhaps you are just a football fan) then this pipe is looking to sneakily go home with you!

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14. Thick Silicone Spoon Pipe

A common problem with pipes like a spoon pipe is that they can often get hot, and that heat radiates outside the bowl and up the stem. The thick silicone on this spoon pipes does a suburb job of preventing heat transfer, keeping your fingers and lips nice and cool. Of course, this pipe is not all about keeping things cool. It also provides a great smoking experience! It has a carb hole for easy airflow control, a medium bowl for solid smoking sessions or sharing with friends, and a solid choice of colors to choose from. Of course, a very comfortable price point does not hurt, either. This pipe is simple, indestructible, and comfortable, and will fit in perfectly with those looking for their first pipe or those looking to add to a growing collection.

15. Silicone Downstems

Granted, downstems are not pipes, but these silicone downstems can be used with a number of pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. They are completely heated and shatter-resistant, so if you are replacing a glass downstem for that reason, this should be an easy choice. If you are concerned about whether or not they will be compatible with a new bong or dab rig, we have made sure that these silicone downstems are compatible with any bong or dab rig available on our store! Whether you are looking for a replacement or just making sure you have spares, these silicone downstems are a great buy!

16. Silicone Bongs

If you were curious why there are no bongs listed on this complete list, it is because they have their own complete list! However, we wanted to be sure to mention them (and maybe guide you to the right list if you are specifically looking for a silicone bong). Bongs are fantastic choices for a superior flavor experience, but they can be intimidating to new users, given both their fragility and their price. A silicone bong can help remove some of those concerns and fears! Being made of silicone means that the bong is now nearly indestructible and has a very comfortable price point. They are also usually in several pieces, which is ideal for giving the pipe a thorough cleaning. If you are interested in a bong silicone pipe, take a look at our other list and get to shopping!

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17. Silicone Dab Rigs

Silicone dab rigs also have their own section, which is why you have not seen any on this list. Their tale is similar to the differences between glass and silicone bongs, too. Silicone dab rigs are extremely durable, have a low price-point, and are available in cool, weird designs! They are also completely heat resistant, which is ideal when working with the high temperatures required for a successful dabbing experience. Many dabbers love the experience of using a traditional dab rig, and if you have been interested in giving wax concentrates a go, then a silicone dab rig is a fantastic place to start! (If the dab rig set up still feels daunting, then we recommend looking at wax concentrate vape pens, also available on this store!)

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